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Billets de : Heather Jordan Cartwright

Scaling for the future of ophthalmology with artificial intelligence powered by Azure Healthcare APIs

mardi 23 novembre 2021

ZEISS partnered with Microsoft to power the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem with the Azure Healthcare APIs. ZEISS Meditec is collaborating with ZEISS Digital Innovation as the implementation partner for the data platform and multiple ecosystem applications. ZEISS Digital Innovation is a provider of custom software development services, implementing and operating innovative digital healthcare solutions for the ZEISS group and clients outside ZEISS.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare expands portfolio with Azure Healthcare APIs

mardi 3 août 2021

Today Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is expanding our portfolio of interoperability data services. In October 2019, Microsoft became the first cloud with a fully managed, first-party service to ingest, persist, and manage structured healthcare data in the native Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) format with the Azure API for FHIR, and today we’re expanding our health data services to enable the exchange of multiple data types in the FHIR format for health and life sciences industries. For that reason, we’re renaming our services to the Azure Healthcare APIs.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Azure API for FHIR enables health organizations to deliver CMS Patient Access and Provider Directory APIs

lundi 7 juin 2021

For many years, our goal at Microsoft Health has been to work alongside our customers to make health data more accessible, scalable, and to empower them to do more with their data. We understood that in order to truly harness the power of data in the health industry, not only must this data be interoperable in the cloud, but it must also be able to be easily shared across organizations and teams in a manner that meets the high security and privacy requirements of healthcare.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Connecteur Microsoft Azure IoT pour FHIR en préversion

jeudi 16 juillet 2020

Fonctionnalité complètement managée et conforme de l’API Azure pour FHIR, la préversion du connecteur Azure IoT pour FHIR est maintenant disponible. Le connecteur permet au personnel soignant de disposer de la technologie nécessaire à un pipeline évolutif de bout en bout pour ingérer, transformer et gérer les données PHI (Protected Health Information) qui proviennent d’appareils utilisant la sécurité des API FHIR.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Data agility and open standards in health: FHIR fueling interoperability in Azure

vendredi 6 mars 2020

Open standards will drive the future of healthcare, and today, we're sharing the expansion of Microsoft’s portfolio for FHIR, with new open-source software (OSS) and connectors which will help customers at different stages of their journey to advance interoperability and secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Accelerate IoMT on FHIR with new Microsoft OSS Connector

lundi 18 novembre 2019

Microsoft is expanding the ecosystem of FHIR® for developers with a new tool to securely ingest, normalize, and persist Protected Health Information (PHI) from IoMT devices in the cloud. Continuing our commitment to remove the barriers of interoperability in healthcare, we are excited to expand our portfolio of Open Source Software (OSS) to support the HL7 FHIR Standard (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource).

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Mise à la disponibilité générale de l’API Azure pour FHIR®

lundi 21 octobre 2019

Aujourd’hui, Microsoft devient le premier cloud proposant un service complètement managé et interne pour l’ingestion, la persistance et la gestion des données de santé au format FHIR natif. L’API Azure pour FHIR® est publiée aujourd’hui en disponibilité générale pour tous les clients Azure. La mission de base du secteur de la santé est de fournir de meilleurs résultats cliniques, et FHIR est le standard de données idéal pour l’avenir de cette mission.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Lighting up healthcare data with FHIR®: Announcing the Azure API for FHIR

jeudi 7 février 2019

Today, we’re releasing the Azure API for FHIR which enables rapid exchange of data according to the HL7 FHIR specification and is backed by a fully managed Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) offering in the cloud. Scalable and secure ingestion, management, and persistence of Protected Health Information (PHI) in the cloud, provisioned and running in just minutes.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences