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Gaurav Daga

Principal Lead Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

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Published • 7 min read

Cloud migration and disaster recovery for applications, not just virtual machines 

By Principal Lead Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Azure Site Recovery is Microsoft’s single disaster recovery offering for applications that works with multiple native application-level replication technologies and provides in-built replication. With features like single and multi-tier application consistency, near continuous replication, extensible recovery plans with rich automation support, and advanced network management, Azure Site Recovery does the complex job of stitching together the application assuring full application recovery, and not just virtual machine boot up. To top it all, Microsoft tests and certifies many popular first and third-party applications and provides detailed Azure Site Recovery solution guidance for them.

Published • 2 min read

Announcing the Preview of Disaster Recovery for VMware Virtual Machines and Physical Servers to Azure using ASR 

By Principal Lead Program Manager, Cloud + Enterprise

Today’s Preview announcement delivers on another widely requested scenario from Azure Site Recovery (ASR) users – the ability to enable protection and disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines and physical servers to Azure.