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Whether you’re building games or line of business apps, considering a move to the cloud, or striving to create an outstanding modern app experience, you’ll learn something new in a set of articles about the Wordament architecture.

Wordament is a massively popular and highly responsive word finding game, available across multiple platforms. Players compete around the globe during 2 minute rounds, with results and rankings compiled and shared in the 45 seconds between rounds.

We talked to Wordament creators and Microsoft employees Jason Cahill and John Thornton to understand the Wordament architecture. They provided great information that can benefit your own development. There’s details on how the Wordament architecture relies on Azure services and features you may find  familiar (cloud services, blob storage) and unfamiliar (instance input endpoints). Jason and John also provide details about developer technologies such as Xamarin, which allows C# to be the only programming language required for Wordament’s cross-platform support.

The Wordament architecture has allowed the creators and team to focus on coding apps instead of managing infrastructure. Using many of the same components and techniques leveraged in the Wordament architecture, the team released a second title, Snap Attack, in May 2014.

Check out the articles here to see what you can learn from the Wordament architecture.

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