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Announcing the StorSimple Cloud Appliance 8020

The new StorSimple Cloud Appliance 8020 for Application DR, dev/test scenarios and high performance workloads will provide more than double the capacity and better performance on most benchmarks than the previous model.

We are excited to announce the next generation of the StorSimple Cloud Appliance (previously referred to as the StorSimple Virtual Appliance). The StorSimple Cloud Appliance is a software version of the StorSimple solution in Virtual Machine form, running in Azure.

The new StorSimple Cloud Appliance, the 8020, provides more than double the capacity and better performance on most benchmarks than the 8010 model (previously referred to as the 1100). The 8020 provides an increased maximum provisioned capacity of 64 TB, and better performance by using Azure Premium Storage as the local tier. Azure Premium Storage allows users to provision low latency and high performance SSD drives for their VMs in Azure. This model will allow the customers to enable scenarios that require larger volume sizes and higher throughputs in Azure.

The StorSimple Cloud Appliance has been a cost-effective, on-demand alternative for disaster recovery. The higher maximum capacity will broaden its usage as an on-demand disaster recovery site in Azure for all StorSimple workloads.

The 8020 will have the same pricing policy as the earlier version, where you are only charged for the VM and storage components of the underlying VM and disks. Azure Compute pricing is based on DS3 Virtual Machine pricing and disk pricing will be based on Premium Storage disk pricing.

The 8020 will be offered along with the 8010. The below table outlines the differentiation between the two models.

  8020 8010 (previously known as the 1100)
Maximum Capacity 64TB 30TB
Azure VM Standard_DS3 (4 cores, 14GB memory) Standard_A3 (4 cores, 7GB memory)
StorSimple Version Compatibility Versions running Update 1 or later All versions
Region Availability Regions supporting premium storage All Azure regions
SVA Internal Storage Type Azure premium storage Azure standard storage
Workload Guidance Cloud dev/test scenarios; low latency, higher performance workloads; secondary device for disaster recovery Item Level Retrieval from backups

For more information on the deployment and differences between the 8010 and the 8020, please refer to the StorSimple documentation page.

We are also happy to announce StorSimple and Azure Site Recovery can now work together to provide comprehensive protection for your workloads hosted on StorSimple. For more information, download Automate File Server DR to Azure.