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Announcing Azure Storage Data Movement Library 0.2.0

The newest release of the Data Movement Library supports more advanced features. Read on to learn more!

In the previous announcement post for DMLib 0.1.0, we committed that the newest release of the Data Movement Library would support more advanced features. Great news, those are now available and include the following:

  • Download, upload, and copy directories (local file directories, Azure Blob virtual directories, Azure File directories)
  • Transfer directories in recursive mode
  • Transfer directories in flat mode (local file directories)
  • Specify the search pattern when copying files and directories
  • Provide Event to get single file transfer result in a transfer
  • Download Snapshots under directories
  • Changed TransferConfigurations.UserAgentSuffix to TransferConfigurations.UserAgentPrefix

With these new features, you can perform data movement at the Blob container and Blob virtual directory level, or the File share and File directory level.

We are actively adding more code samples to the Github library, and any community contributions to these code samples are highly appreciated.

You can install the Azure Storage Data Movement Library from Nuget or download the source code from Github. For more details, please read the Getting Started documentation.

As always, we look forward to your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to utilize the comments section below.