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Understanding HDInsight Spark jobs and data through visualizations in the Jupyter Notebook

lundi 29 avril 2019

The Jupyter Notebook on HDInsight Spark clusters is useful when you need to quickly explore data sets, perform trend analysis, or try different machine learning models. Not being able to track the status of Spark jobs and intermediate data can make it difficult for data scientists to monitor and optimize what they are doing inside the Jupyter Notebook.

Senior Program Manager, Big Data Team

Quest powers Spotlight Cloud with Azure

lundi 29 avril 2019

Spotlight Cloud is the first built on Azure database performance monitoring solution focused on SQL Server customers. Leveraging the scalability, performance, global distribution, high-availability, and built-in security of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, Spotlight Cloud combines the best of the cloud with Quest Software’s engineering insights from years of building database performance management tools.

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

Azure.Source - Volume 80

lundi 29 avril 2019

Spark + AI Summit - Developing for the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge; Announcing Azure Backup support to move Recovery Services vaults; Azure SQL Data Warehouse reserved capacity and software plans now generally available; and much more.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Automatisation serverless avec la préversion de PowerShell dans Azure Functions

lundi 29 avril 2019

Quelle que soit leur taille, toutes les entreprises transfèrent leurs ressources et leurs charges de travail dans le cloud, et il est évident qu’elles ont besoin de systèmes plus efficaces pour gérer, gouverner et automatiser leurs ressources cloud. Ces scénarios d’automatisation nécessitent une logique personnalisée, que PowerShell exprime le mieux.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Functions

Microsoft container registry unaffected by the recent Docker Hub data exposure

dimanche 28 avril 2019

Docker recently announced Docker Hub had a brief security exposure that enabled unauthorized access to a Docker Hub database, exposing 190k Hub accounts and their associated GitHub tokens for automated builds. While initial information led people to believe the hashes of the accounts could lead to image:tags being updated with vulnerabilities, including official and microsoft/ org images, this was not the case. Microsoft has confirmed that the official Microsoft images hosted in Docker Hub have not been compromised.

Program Manager, Azure Container Registry

Annonce de la prise en charge en disponibilité générale de la fonctionnalité de déplacement dans Sauvegarde Azure pour les coffres Recovery Services

jeudi 25 avril 2019

Les coffres Recovery Services sont des ressources Azure Resource Manager qui vous permettent de gérer vos besoins en sauvegarde et en récupération d’urgence de façon native dans le cloud. Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer aujourd’hui la disponibilité générale de la prise en charge de la fonctionnalité de déplacement des coffres Recovery Services.

Program Manager II, Azure Backup