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Livres électroniques sur le cloud et Azure

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Approfondissez votre compréhension des cloud computing avec ces ressources pour les leaders d’entreprise et les professionnels techniques.

Enseignements tirés en matière d’analytique : Comment quatre entreprises ont gagné en agilité grâce à l’analytique ?

Découvrez comment quatre entreprises du monde réel ont utilisé leurs données pour prendre des décisions commerciales opportunes et informées qui ont amélioré l’efficacité opérationnelle, amélioré la détection des fraudes, prédit la maintenance nécessaire et ont affecté la satisfaction des clients.

Guide des développeurs sur la génération d’applications IA, deuxième édition

Commencez à créer des applications puissantes et intelligentes dans le cloud à l’aide de l’IA. Apprenez à créer un Assistant virtuel conversationnel qui comprend le langage, qui génère de grandes quantités d’informations et qui répond intelligemment.

Moderniser Web Apps : cinq histoires de création d’expériences client améliorées

Découvrez comment cinq organisations de premier plan ont amélioré l’expérience des clients en ligne en migrant leurs applications et bases de données web locales vers Azure. Découvrez également comment déplacer rapidement vos propres applications vers Azure.

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Delivering Secure Remote and Hybrid Work with Azure Virtual Desktop

Learn how to deliver simplified, secure remote and hybrid work experiences to employees across different locations and networks. Read this e-book to explore the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop: 

  • Scalability, flexibility, and simplicity with built-in cloud capabilities.
  • Improved security and employee productivity with a single, managed virtual desktop infrastructure.
  • Reduced costs through cost-optimization features like using existing licenses.

IT Discovery Guide: Get started with Azure Virtual Desktop

Get help explaining the business, security, and cost benefits of desktop virtualization to the decision makers in your organization. The resources in this guide will help you make your case for Azure Virtual Desktop to both business and technical audiences. It includes: 

  • A premade, customizable PowerPoint presentation on the benefits and considerations. 
  • A handbook on Azure Virtual Desktop security fundamentals and best practices. 
  • An in-depth analyst study on the ROI and efficiency improvements, based on data from real customers. 
  • Success stories from companies that implemented Azure Virtual Desktop. 

Modernize Your Business-Critical Systems and Applications with the Cloud

Foster innovation within your organization, keep your customers happy, and stay ahead of the competition by modernizing your mission-critical workloads. Learn how to begin migrating your most important systems and apps to the cloud with proven recommendations and best practices—direct from Microsoft and Intel.

Download this free cloud migration e-book to:

  • Streamline your business operations by delivering reliable, scalable cloud solutions to your organization.
  • Create and implement a plan to securely transition crucial and complex workloads to Azure.
  • Take a deep dive into moving your SAP workloads to Azure to boost agility and efficiency.
  • Get documentation, guidelines, and assessment tools to help simplify your Azure migration.

6 tips to integrate security into your DevOps practices

DevOps proven practices illustrate how collaboration between developer and operations teams leads to faster software delivery. Now, the issue facing digital leaders is the security and compliancy of their code, workflows, and infrastructure. The logical next step: integrate your security team with the existing DevOps team—breaking down another organizational silo.

Download the Microsoft and Sogeti e-book 6 Tips to Integrate Security into your DevOps Practices to learn how to: 

  • Develop a security-first company culture to drive DevSecOps adoption
  • Proactively secure your code, workflows, infrastructure, and software supply chain against vulnerabilities 
  • Provide your teams with shared tooling and best practices to enable end-to-end visibility and traceability
  • Leverage improved insights and policy automation to realize continuous compliancy

Cloud Migration and Modernization with Microsoft Azure e-book

Get insight into migration and modernization, from planning your migration to fine-tuning your strategy. Read the e-book, Cloud Migration and Modernization with Microsoft Azure, to get an overview of the migration process and learn how to identify the best modernization strategy for your organization. 

Read the e-book to: 

  • Learn how migration and modernization improves business resilience, enables hybrid work, and improves security. 
  • Discover migration readiness assessments and planning resources. 
  • Find out how to get your modernization started with Azure. 
  • Get insights from industry-leading Azure customers into optimizing your current and future cloud investments for cost, performance, and innovation. 

Five Steps to Simplify Your Data Mart and BI Solution

Discover how to map, manage, and modernize your organization’s data solutions by migrating your legacy data mart and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads to Azure Synapse Analytics. Download the e-book, Five Steps to Simplify Your Data Mart and BI Solution, for a step-by-step guide on getting started with your first Azure Synapse project, including how to: 

  • Use serverless SQL pools to analyze and explore data directly in the data lake.
  • Move your on-premises SQL data mart to Azure Synapse. 
  • Integrate your existing data by creating and editing pipelines. 
  • Optimize your data warehouse workloads for BI and reporting. 
  • Run operational and predictive analytics using cloud-based machine learning services. 

Automated Machine Learning with Microsoft Azure

Increase the productivity and profitability of your business by using automated machine learning (AutoML) and Azure to quickly create high-performing, scalable AI solutions.

Read this technical guide to get simple, step-by-step guidance on how data scientists, engineers, or anyone interested in AI can get started with using AutoML and Azure together to accelerate the building and training of machine learning models.

You’ll learn to:

  • Prepare data, train models, and register them to your Azure Machine Learning workspace.
  • Create automated batch solutions using machine learning pipelines and real-time scoring solutions using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 
  • Apply automated machine learning to your own data to solve a wide variety of business problems.
  • Share predictions through automatically generated charts and graphs.

Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud

Get the scale, performance, and innovation of Azure for your current VMware technology with the Azure VMware Solution. Read the e-book, Accelerate Your Journey to the Cloud: A Guide to the Azure VMware Solution, to learn how to frictionlessly move your VMware estate to Azure. 

Read the e-book to:

  • Learn how to run your VMware technology stack on the cloud as if it were on-premises.
  • See how to take advantage of the scalability and security of the Azure VMware Solution to modernize your data center and apps at a pace tailored to your needs.
  • Explore the Microsoft and VMware partnership that led to the creation of the Azure VMware Solution.
  • Discover how to use your existing VMware skills with the innovations of Azure.

Ten Guidelines for Product Leaders to Implement AI Responsibly

Learn how to put responsible AI principles into practice. Read the resource, Ten AI Guidelines for Product Leaders to Implement AI Responsibly, for strategies on how to guide your product teams as they design, build, document, and validate responsible AI systems.

Use this resource to:

  • Facilitate the complex conversations that are necessary to develop AI products responsibly.
  • Foster an organizational culture that’s focused on responsible AI.
  • Encourage collaboration between diverse subject matter and functional experts.
  • Help your teams use AI to promote positive societal impact while also achieving business objectives.

Building Industry-Aware Analytics Solutions Using Azure Synapse Analytics

Learn to build flexible, insights-oriented analytics solutions that meet the unique needs of your industry and organization. Discover how to unify your data, move quickly, and embrace new business models with Azure Synapse Analytics. 

Read the e-book, Building Industry-Aware Analytics Solutions Using Azure Synapse Analytics, to: 

  • Learn how to accelerate development of analytics solutions using out-of-the-box, industry-specific database templates in Azure Synapse.
  • Plan for a successful build-out of your solution architecture.
  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to implement Azure Synapse.