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    • A SQL database query is slow or unresponsive

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    • Why can’t I run LUIS in my own subscription?

      The ability to run Language Understanding (LUIS) in individual subscriptions is being explored by the team. While a roadmap is not currently available, updates are available here.

    • About App Service Environment

      Learn about the App Service Environment v1 feature that provides secure, VNet-joined, dedicated scale units for running all of your apps.

    • About ASP.NET Web Deployment using Visual Studio

      This tutorial series shows you how to deploy (publish) an ASP.NET web application to Azure App Service Web Apps or a third-party hosting provider.

    • About authentication and authorization for API Apps in Azure App Service

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    • About Auto-Healing Windows Azure Web Sites

      How many times have you been woken up in the middle of a night for an issue that was simply resolved by restarting your web site? Read about auto-healing Windows Azure web sites.

    • About Azure AD Connect and federation

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    • About Azure SQL Database access: Firewall Authentication and Authorization

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    • About Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE) for Data at Rest

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