Designing Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy: A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration e-book

Date de publication : 2018-12-18

Migrating to the cloud offers your organization greater scalability, cost-efficiency, and improved performance. But for several reasons, such as compliance concerns or edge and disconnected scenarios, you may need to leave some workloads on-premises. If you’re operating in this kind of hybrid cloud model, migration requires careful planning and strategy. 

Whether you’re an IT professional, administrator, or consultant, this guide is designed to help you start your migration to the cloud and then strategically manage your hybrid cloud environment. 

Download this e-book to find guidance and steps to a successful hybrid cloud migration with Azure. You’ll discover how to:
  • Create the technical plan for your hybrid cloud migration.
  • Prepare your workloads and applications to ensure they will run as expected.
  • Accelerate your migration using the right tools and with limited impact to your business. 

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