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Zend Z-Ray for Azure App Service general availability

Publié le 13 janvier, 2016

Principal PM Manager, Azure Static Web Apps

Zend Z-Ray for Azure App Service is now generally available. Built by the PHP experts at Zend, Z-Ray delivers unmatched runtime insights into PHP applications, including visibility into database queries, functions, errors and warnings, memory consumption to monitor and analyze application activity. Read the previous Z-Ray announcement from Nir Mashkowski for more background.

Z-Ray also includes application and framework-specific support for a wide range of PHP applications, frameworks, databases, and extensions, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Laravel, Zend Framework, Symfony. Z-Ray Live! simplifies debugging requests originating from non-browser based clients such as mobile requests, web services, and APIs.

A fully extensible API is available to support custom applications or to expand frameworks support. Z-Ray takes full advantage of the Azure App Service environment to support mobile and API development and production requirements. Z-Ray is tightly integrated with the Azure App Service app management experience and is easy to enable from the Tools blade of the Azure portal.

Zend Z-Ray for Azure App Service General Availability

Once enabled, Z-Ray is displayed in the browser at the bottom of your page. Navigate between the various panels to inspect all the PHP elements constructing the page.

Zend Z-Ray for Azure App Service General Availability

The Z-Ray management dashboard is reachable both from Z-Ray itself and the Azure portal. The dashboard contains additional features and settings.

Zend Z-Ray for Azure App Service General Availability

Additional information about Z-Ray for Azure is available on Zend.com and in the Azure-specific Online Help.