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Roozz.com Powers Online Game and Application Rentals Worldwide with Windows Azure

Publié le 22 septembre, 2011

serioussamscreenshotGame hero Serious Sam is among the first ambassadors for Danish start-up Roozz.com and its software, which allows users to run games and applications in any PC browser.

Designed to enable businesses to avoid paying for expensive software they may only use occasionally, Roozz is implemented as a browser plugin with integrated payment and copyright protection.

Roozz runs on Windows Azure, which enables the company to:

  • easily adjust capacity up and down depending on the number of users;
  • operate smoothly 99.9 % of the time;
  • ensure that games and software applications run perfectly, no matter where the user is located;
  • save on hardware and server investments; and,
  • handle money transactions securely.

“Windows Azure is extremely stable and draws on six data centers and a content delivery network with 24 data centers worldwide. This means that the games and programs we provide run at the exact same speed whether you’re in Mexico City, Dublin or Singapore,” explains Roozz.com Sales and Marketing Manager Jesper Wendel Thomsen.

“In the first half of 2011, the Roozz plugin was downloaded 140,000 times and we can see from our statistics that the number of end users is growing rapidly month by month,” adds Thomsen.

Click here to learn more about the Roozz plugin.  Click here to learn more about publishing your software on Roozz.