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Getting Started with Logic App Templates

Publié le 25 juin, 2015

Principal Program Manager, Azure Logic Apps
Logic Apps are part of the Azure App Service platform that provide a visual designer to make it easier to build web, mobile and integration apps. With Logic Apps you can automate business process execution and using the suite of Connectors, you can easily solve integration scenarios with just a few clicks. Getting started with Logic Apps as with any new service may be a little daunting the first time you come to the designer but after you play around a little we think that you'll be able to get running on your own pretty quickly. To help get you started and highlight some of the different ways that you can harness the power of Logic Apps we published a collection of Logic App Templates. Logic App Templates are pre-built logic apps you can simply click, configure and deploy. You can find these templates in the Azure Marketplace under the Web + Mobile category and then you can search for "Logic Templates" which will show you a list of all of the logic app templates. Everything   The intent of these logic app templates are to help you better understand patterns that can be used in logic apps so after you create one open it up in the designer so that you can see what it's doing and complete any configuration steps. HTTP Request   The logic app templates are intended to be used by anyone who is planning on building their own logic apps. They range from simple scenarios using your everyday consumer SaaS and productivity services such as Facebook, Twitter and Office365 to complex scenarios doing Hybrid Enterprise Integration including connecting to SAP, SQL, using messaging protocols, message transformations and EDI. They can be used to either to discover different integration patterns and learn how they are done or as a starter template that you can just modify and start using. Try out a Logic App Template and see how quickly and easily you can get started building and deploying your own Logic App! To learn more about Logic Apps, check out the additional resources below: