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Azure Websites Authentication / Authorization (Preview Release)

Publié le 13 novembre, 2014

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platform


We are delighted to announce a new preview feature for Azure Websites. With Azure Websites Authorization / Authentication you can leverage your existing Azure Active Directory infrastructure to provide Authentication / Authorization to your applications hosted on Azure Websites. Configuration is as simple as following a wizard on the Azure Management Portal and there is no need to modify your existing code or write new code to take advantage of this feature. It is also stack independent so you can leverage this across all the stacks supported in Azure Websites today no matter if your site is using PHP, .NET, NODE, JAVA, etc...  

Feature List

  • No code to modify or maintain
  • Simple configuration with wizard based UI
  • Stack independent, can be used with any of the languages supported by Azure Websites
  • Automated redirection for Authentication / Authorization through Azure Active Directory


You can get more details on Websites Authentication / Authorization in this blog post from Byron Tardif.  


  • What is Websites Authentication / Authorization?
Websites Authentication/ Authorization allows you to leverage Azure Active Directory to provide Authentication / Authorization on top of your websites hosted on Azure Websites without the need to modify your code.
  • Why use Websites Authentication / Authorization?
Websites Authentication / Authorization greatly simplifies the process of adding Authentication / Authorization to your website. There is no code to maintain/update and user management is done through Azure Active Directory robust and familiar service.
  • How does Websites Authentication / Authorization Scale?
Websites Authentication / Authorization is a service built into the Websites Platform and is design to scale with your site.
  • Does Websites Authentication / Authorization support headless scenarios?
Websites Authentication / Authorization only supports interactive login in this release, we are working on enabling headless authentication in a future release.
  • Does Websites Authentication / Authorization support setting granular permissions?
Once Websites Authentication / Authorization has been enabled for a given Azure Website, only users in selected directory will have access to the website. Future releases of this feature will include limiting access to specific groups in the directory.
  • Can I use Websites Authentication / Authorization for a production scenario?
Websites Authentication / Authorization is currently in preview, so we do not recommend using this for production scenarios.