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Enterprise Grade Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery, EMC VMAX, VMAX3 and SRDF: Now Generally Available

Publié le 29 juillet, 2015

Principal PM Manager, Azure Site Recovery
Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of SAN replication support in Azure Site Recovery (ASR). With ASR, SCVMM and Hyper-V customers can extend their investments in Storage Area Network (SAN) and SAN replication offerings from our storage partners to enable end to end disaster recovery for their Hyper-V VMs across two on-premises datacenters. With features such as synchronous and asynchronous replication support, protection and recovery of shared-disk guest clusters, multi-virtual machine consistency and standards based managed with SMI-S, ASR provides enterprise-grade DR solutions for Hyper-V environments. Today, I am happy to share that ASR integration with EMC VMAX and VMAX3 series and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) is now generally available. SCVMM/Hyper-V environments that use EMC VMAX and VMAX3 SAN arrays can leverage industry leading technology in SRDF with ASR to protect complex multi-vm applications in a group consistent manner while ensuring that the most stringent RPO and RTO SLA requirements are met.  The combination of Azure Site Recovery with EMC VMAX SRDF provides a robust, scalable yet simple end to end DR solution for Hyper-V environments. Checkout EMC’s blog for more details on today’s announcement. Software integration guide, which provides details on supported platforms and pre-requisites is available here. For more information, check out the Azure Site Recovery documentation. For pricing information, visit the ASR Pricing page and select ‘Azure Site Recovery to customer owned sites’ to view the price in your local currency. Getting started with Azure Site Recovery is easy – all you need is to simply sign up for a free Microsoft Azure trial.