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mayo 2018

17 may.

Power BI embedded feature roundup—new features now available


Great new features are now available in Power BI Embedded.

9 may.

Azure Memory Thrashing metric available for Power BI Embedded

An Azure Memory Thrashing metric is available for Power BI Embedded.

  • Power BI Embedded
7 may.

Azure Cognitive Search


Cognitive Search, a new preview feature in the existing Azure Search service, includes an enrichment pipeline allowing you to find rich structured information from documents. That information can then become part of your Azure Search index.

abril 2018

12 abr.

Enhanced portal capabilities for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse has enabled the next set of portal capabilities to help monitor, manage, and integrate your data warehouse.

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

febrero 2018

15 feb.

Azure Analysis Services available in Central US

Azure Analysis Services is now available in the Central US region.

enero 2018

12 ene.

Azure HDInsight—New capabilities and price reductions


We recently made several exciting announcements about Azure HDInsight, including a price reduction of up to 52 percent on all workloads on HDInsight, and added an additional 80 percent price reduction for Microsoft R Server add-on.

mayo 2017

12 may.

Azure Time Series Insights


Azure Time Series Insights is a managed analytics and visualization service that democratizes the Internet of Things (IoT) by making it simple to explore and analyze your IoT time series data.

septiembre 2016

29 sep.

Azure Security Center enhancements

Azure Security Center helps customers take control of cloud security policies, monitor the current security of Azure resources, and detect and respond to active attacks.

  • Security Center
  • Security

abril 2016

1 abr.

Azure HDInsight supports R for machine learning and new updates to Spark and Hadoop

Azure HDInsight can run 100 percent open-source R to do machine learning and has new updates on the latest Hadoop and Spark components from Hortonworks.

  • HDInsight

febrero 2016

22 feb.

Preview: Temporal tables in Azure SQL Database


With temporal tables in Azure SQL Database, you can efficiently track and analyze data history without custom coding.

  • Azure SQL Database

octubre 2015

30 oct.

Azure API Management and Azure Event Hubs integration


We are excited to announce the new Azure Event Hubs integration features of API Management. API Management provides a number of analytics reports out-of-the-box, but for deeper customized analysis, monitoring, or troubleshooting, you can now configure your API Management service to log data in the form of events to Azure Event Hubs.

  • API Management
  • Event Hubs
2 oct.

General availability: Apache Hadoop on Linux in HDInsight


You can now select Linux clusters when deploying Apache Hadoop workloads in Azure HDInsight and more easily move existing Hadoop workloads into the cloud with an expanded set of open source, big data components running managed Hadoop in Azure.

  • HDInsight

agosto 2015

20 ago.

Azure Search updates: API prototype, language support, new regions


Azure Search updates include an API prototype, language support, and new regions.

  • Azure Cognitive Search

mayo 2015

4 may.

Announcing Microsoft Operations Management Suite


The Microsoft Operations Management Suite is the IT management solution for the era of the cloud; a single solution, built to manage your entire enterprise environment regardless of location, operating system, hypervisors, or cloud provider choices.

  • Automation
  • Azure Backup
4 may.

General availability: Azure Operational Insights


Azure Operational Insights is available as part of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

abril 2015

29 abr.

Service Tier Advisor for Azure SQL Database is available

Service Tier Advisor analyzes the performance and feature requirements for individual databases to provide insights to help you choose the correct tier and performance level for your Azure SQL Database upgrade.

  • Azure SQL Database
29 abr.

General availability: Azure Operational Insights


Generally available on May 4, 2015, Azure Operational Insights is an analysis service designed to provide IT administrators with deep insight into their on-premises and cloud environments.

enero 2015

29 ene.

Easily enable Operational Insights for Azure virtual machines


Quickly enable Azure Operational Insights on your virtual machines by using Windows PowerShell or the Azure management portal.

  • Máquinas virtuales

noviembre 2014

12 nov.

Public Preview: Azure Operational Insights


Operational Insights is an Azure-based service that is tailored for IT operations teams. It leverages the power of Azure HDInsight to glean machine data across environments, and turns the data into real-time operational intelligence to enable better-informed business decisions.

  • HDInsight

octubre 2014

16 oct.

New Machine Learning capabilities on the Azure Marketplace

We have added to the Azure Marketplace a wealth of examples of APIs that are built with Azure Machine Learning. These APIs are free to use, and illustrate how the reach and power of the cloud allow advanced analytics to be consumed by more users in more ways.

  • Machine Learning Studio

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