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Notas del producto en la nube y Azure


Mejore su comprensión de la computación en la nube con estos recursos para líderes empresariales y profesionales técnicos.

Velocidad de desarrollo: cómo la excelencia en el software impulsa el rendimiento empresarial

Lea este informe de McKinsey para ver cómo las empresas que capacitan a sus desarrolladores y crean un entorno de trabajo que fomenta la innovación están obteniendo los mayores rendimientos sobre sus inversiones de software.

Guía de prueba de concepto de Azure para desarrolladores

Demuestre si un concepto funciona antes de que su organización invierta en él. Obtenga información sobre cómo crear una prueba de concepto eficaz para crear aplicaciones en Azure, desde el diseño de un plan hasta la medición de los resultados de pruebas.

Inicie su movimiento a la nube: cinco ideas de proyectos piloto

Simplifique el proceso de migración a la nube y consolide su estrategia de migración iniciándolo poco a poco. Obtenga ejemplos de proyectos comunes de migración en la nube que se usarán como piloto, desde la salida de un centro de datos hasta la habilitación del trabajo remoto.

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The Culture of Data Leaders

Explore the role that data culture plays in enabling and reinforcing successful digital transformations. 

Demystifying mainframe to Azure migration white paper

Organizations relying on mainframe systems face an increasing urgency to transition workloads to the cloud. Faced with a rapidly shrinking talent pool of mainframe expertise amid escalating costs, organizations stand to save substantial expenditures—if they can migrate equivalent functionality to Microsoft Azure.

Migrating legacy mainframe deployments that stretch back decades is a daunting task and many companies don’t know where to start. Mainframe systems remain deeply entrenched across many organizations, thanks in part to an almost mythical aura spawned from their use in Cold War missile deployments and the Apollo moon landing or portrayal in cult movie classics.

Taking the myth out of the equation goes a long way to getting started. Think of it as a prerequisite. And knowing which systems are most easily migrated is the first step. This paper covers the major IBM z/OS mainframe components alongside their Azure equivalents and is designed to help mainframe customers complete this critical first step.

Azure AI Learning Journey

Learn more about Azure AI solutions with videos, tutorials, and training modules. Use this 30-day learning path to grow your skills and prepare for the Azure AI Fundamentals Certification.

Now is the moment to reimagine the store experience

Retailers are at an inflection point. As the pandemic subsides, and after months of limited in-store and in-person experiences, customers will return—but to what? So much has changed: the retail landscape and our individual habits, with new convenient shopping options suddenly available all across retail. And with change comes opportunity— the opportunity to reimagine the store experience that customers will return to.

Learn how Microsoft and our partner Avanade built a foundation that supports innovation, agility, and security. 

TmaxSoft OpenFrame and Microsoft Azure Mainframe Migration Sizing Study

 TmaxSoft and Microsoft completed a sizing study using the TmaxSoft mainframe modernization solution, OpenFrame, running on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service. TmaxSoft ran the CICS COBOL Reference application (zRef) workload, which was previously run on an IBM Z mainframe. 

Cloud-Enabled Development in a Remote World

In response to unique business challenges, many organizations must adjust how they deliver their services. As these organizations adopt new technology solutions to support this change, the developers who create these solutions must meet an increased demand—while also adapting to working remotely. Boost your development productivity while meeting new requirements—with cloud-based tools that support remote coding, collaboration, and shipping code to production. 

Read the white paper, Cloud-Enabled Development in a Remote World, to see how to quickly expand your toolset—and produce better quality work in less time. 

Learn how to: 

  • Simplify your workflow and work from anywhere with GitHub Codespaces. 
  • Customize your code recommendations using AI with Visual Studio IntelliCode. 
  • Discover new ways to build, test, and ship your code using automated systems including continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). 
  • Maximize the benefits of remote collaboration tools, such as Visual Studio Live Share.

 Attend the free webinar: Build Cloud Applications for a Remote World 

Minimize risks and costs with the Azure Proof of Concept Guide for Developers

Prove if a concept works or not—before your organization makes a significant investment. Learn how to create and execute a proof of concept for developing applications in Azure, from a well-designed plan to measurable test results. 

Read the Azure Proof of Concept Guide for Developers to explore: 

  • What makes an effective proof of concept. 
  • How to prepare for and start your proof of concept project. 
  • Best-practice examples to help you to create your own projects, including building a web app and an intelligent chat bot. 
  • Additional resources to help you develop applications in Azure.

Azure SQL Edge Whitepaper

Azure SQL Edge Whitepaper

The Scientist, the Engineer, and the Warehouse: Implementing Cloud Analytics

The boundaries between data roles are blurring as companies look for ways to boost efficiency and cut costs.

Data science provides support that companies need for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantages. But you need capabilities that go beyond the scope of the data scientist to use data science at scale. 

The role and the skills of the data engineer have emerged to ensure that predictive models can help companies address their new challenges. And the cloud data warehouse has developed to address new scalability, availability, and budgetary issues.

Read this white paper to learn what it takes to put cloud analytics into practice. 

  • Understand the distinct skills of the data scientist and the data engineer.
  • Find out how these roles work together with a cloud data warehouse.
  • Discover ways that expanding skill sets can help you meet changing needs.
  • Learn how Azure Synapse Analytics fits into an effective architecture.
  • See how Azure Synapse supports governance, manageability, and elasticity.

The Business Value of Microsoft Azure for ISVs

Learn how hundreds of independent software vendors (ISVs) increased productivity and cut operational costs by choosing Azure as their strategic cloud partner. Read this IDC white paper commissioned by Microsoft to see how ISVs around the world met growing customer demands for agile, intelligent microservices by using the Azure cloud platform. 

Download the white paper to see how these ISVs experienced on average:

  • 59 percent increase in annual profits overall.
  • 44 percent increase in annual revenue from cloud offerings.
  • 58 percent faster time to market for new products and services, and 3.5 times more new offerings.
  • Faster release cycles and a 30 to 40 percent gain in app development productivity through agile development and automated testing.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs, shorter buying cycles, and new opportunities for customer retention.