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Notas del producto en la nube y Azure


Mejore su comprensión de la computación en la nube con estos recursos para líderes empresariales y profesionales técnicos.

Velocidad de desarrollo: cómo la excelencia en el software impulsa el rendimiento empresarial

Lea este informe de McKinsey para ver cómo las empresas que capacitan a sus desarrolladores y crean un entorno de trabajo que fomenta la innovación están obteniendo los mayores rendimientos sobre sus inversiones de software.

Guía de prueba de concepto de Azure para desarrolladores

Demuestre si un concepto funciona antes de que su organización invierta en él. Obtenga información sobre cómo crear una prueba de concepto eficaz para crear aplicaciones en Azure, desde el diseño de un plan hasta la medición de los resultados de pruebas.

Inicie su movimiento a la nube: cinco ideas de proyectos piloto

Simplifique el proceso de migración a la nube y consolide su estrategia de migración iniciándolo poco a poco. Obtenga ejemplos de proyectos comunes de migración en la nube que se usarán como piloto, desde la salida de un centro de datos hasta la habilitación del trabajo remoto.

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Digital Transformation and the Art of the Possible

A Frost & Sullivan survey of more than 800 IT decision-makers found improving operational efficiencies, growing revenue, and increasing innovation to be top priorities. Read the white paper, Digital Transformation and the Art of the Possible, to learn how real organizations:

  • Achieved business priorities and remained competitive by adopting a cloud-first approach. 
  • Freed IT staff to focus on innovation and creative solutions that positively impact their bottom lines by outsourcing ERP infrastructure.
  • Simplified operations, deepened customer relationships, and empowered staff to focus on building their brands using RISE with SAP on Azure.

Microsoft named a Leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services by Gartner®


See why Microsoft was named a Magic Quadrant Leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services by Gartner for the ninth consecutive year. Download the report to learn more about the latest cloud service offerings and why Microsoft placed furthest on the Completeness of Vision axis for the first time this year.

Innovate anywhere with Azure: Microsoft Azure Arc brings cloud benefits to your on-premises, multicloud, and edge workloads

Learn why hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge strategy is critical to the long-term success of your business and IT teams. Manage your infrastructure more efficiently, reduce costs, and achieve global scalability—while meeting local and industry regulations—with a secure and seamless hybrid cloud on Azure. 

Read this white paper to get an overview of a hybrid strategy with Azure Arc to seamlessly secure, manage and govern your growing digital estate.

Explore specific opportunities for implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure in your organization, including how to:

  • Manage Kubernetes apps anywhere at scale. 
  • Secure your distributed infrastructure and apps
  • Gather insights from your data to make smarter decisions
  • Address regulatory and connectivity challenges

IDC white paper: The Business Value of Microsoft Azure for SQL Server and Windows Server Workloads

Learn about eight global enterprises from diverse industries that realized significant financial and efficiency benefits by migrating their SQL Server and Windows Server workloads to Azure. This IDC white paper—commissioned by Microsoft—details how companies: 

· Achieved USD15.85 million in total annual benefits by optimizing costs and operational efficiencies while increasing business opportunities. 

· Increased net revenue by USD9.84 million and enhanced user experiences with greater scalability, performance, timeliness, and innovation. 

· Increased IT security efficiency by 43 percent with cloud tools and automation. 

Mission-Critical Applications on Azure IaaS

Make your mission-critical apps more resilient and cost-effective by running them with  infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Read this Avanade white paper, sponsored by Microsoft and Intel, to see why Azure IaaS is ideal for most apps, and get guidance on what to consider when planning to deploy your apps to the cloud.

Find out how to increase efficiency and reduce costs by running apps with IaaS because of:

  • Consumption instead of capacity: Pay only for the resources you consume instead of excess capacity that you don’t need.
  • Automation: Streamline operations by using automation features built into cloud services.   
  • Business continuity: Get features and services like high availability, on-demand scalability, storage redundancy, and built-in disaster recovery with well-defined IaaS architectures.

Start learning about deploying your apps to Azure—get the white paper. 

Realizing Success in the Cloud Infographic

Discover a clear approach to achieve cloud success – and ensure you’re following industry best practices every step of the way with Azure customer enablement resources. Leverage a rich collection of proven guidance, programs, tools, and learning resources to navigate the complexities that exist within the cloud journey. These resources will help you maximize value when building your cloud business case, optimize your environment and workloads, and accelerate success through skills training. 

Modernizing Applications and Data: The View from Customers Who Have Taken the Journey with Microsoft Azure

Enterprises have options when it comes to choosing an approach to application and data modernization. The rise of public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multicloud as well as a range of available tools, services, and platforms presents both opportunity and complexity.

Read this white paper from IDC to gain insights into successful app and data modernization strategies. Based on exclusive quantitative and qualitative research, including survey data from 205 respondents among Microsoft customers and prospects, the paper also includes stories from in-depth interviews with customers who successfully launched and executed application and data modernization strategies on Azure.

Learn about:

  • Benefits companies achieved by modernizing their applications and data, including improvements in time to market and delivery of rich customer experiences.
  • The top considerations, challenges, and opportunities companies faced in developing and implementing application and data modernization strategies.
  • Best practices developed by five Azure customers across the retail, financial services, and consumer goods industries.

Using App Service Environment v3 in Compliance-Oriented Industries

Historically many organizations in compliance-oriented industries have developed and deployed applications on-premises to ensure security and compliance. The ability to migrate and modernize these applications to a cloud-based environment, while also preserving compliance capabilities, creates new opportunities for business growth and developer velocity.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

· Key requirements faced by organizations in compliance-oriented businesses

· How Azure App Service Environment v3 supports those requirements

· Use cases where App Service Environment v3 can be particularly useful

· Deployment considerations to ensure effective migration

· Potential KPI’s to measure benefits

Download now to understand how App Service Environment v3 can help your business.

Microsoft Azure IIoT in the pharmaceutical industry


Between rigid regulations, collaboration with a myriad of businesses to ensure chain of custody, and responsibility to ensure quality control from the time drugs are made to the time they’re administered to patients, pharmaceutical companies grapple with a plethora of challenges.

By providing real-time visibility on data within operations, Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions can accelerate product development, detect errors across the value chain sooner, and enable companies to hasten their production timelines.

This whitepaper describes how business leaders in the pharmaceutical industry can ulitize Azure IIoT to drive improved efficiency, reduce costs, and facilitate new business models

Empower IT and data professionals to achieve more with all their data

Move your legacy data warehouse to a cloud solution and delegate tasks like infrastructure maintenance and platform upgrades. Migrate to Azure Synapse—a limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight that accelerates the delivery of BI, AI, and intelligent applications for enterprises.

By migrating legacy data warehouses to Azure Synapse, you’ll:

  • Increase performance and speed.
  • Improve security and compliance.
  • Enjoy greater elasticity and scalability.
  • Save time with a fully managed infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs.

In this white paper, see strategies for migrating your legacy data warehouses to the cloud. And, get a three-step technical overview of the process—from preparing to migrating to doing analytics.