Preguntas más frecuentes de Azure para estudiantes


Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Azure for Students Starter is available only to students who meet the following requirements. You must affirm that you are age 13 or older if you reside in the United States and age 16 or older if you reside in a country other than the United States. You must verify your academic status through your organization’s email address (or Shibboleth if supported by your organization). This offer is not available for use in a massive open online course (MOOC) or in other professional trainings from for-profit organizations.

    This offer is limited to one Azure for Students Starter subscription per eligible customer, is non-transferable, and can't be combined with any other offer unless otherwise permitted by Microsoft. Microsoft may terminate this offer at our sole discretion. Other restrictions may apply.

  • No. Signing up is free and doesn't require a credit card.

  • As long as you use the service quantities included for free during the term, you won’t have to pay anything. Use your Azure for Students credits to pay for services you use over the free quantity included. To continue using Azure after you exhaust your available credits, you may upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription by contacting Azure Support. After you upgrade, you pay only for services you use over the free quantity included.

  • After you exhaust your available credit or reach the end of 12 months, your Azure subscription will be disabled. To continue using Azure, you may upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go subscription by contacting Azure Support.

  • Thank you for your interest in Azure for Students! We’re glad that you’ve enjoyed using it. At this time, we are not announcing renewals. Check back here for updates.

  • Subscriptions are the entity that provide access to the Azure products as part of the Azure for Students Starter offer.

  • If you decide not to upgrade at the end of 12 months or after you’ve exhausted your USD100 credit, whichever occurs first, any products you’ve deployed will be decommissioned and you won’t be able to access them. You can always come back within the next 90 days to upgrade your subscription.

  • You can see your remaining credit on the Microsoft Azure Sponsorships portal.

  • Your Azure for Students subscription will provide you with access to certain software developer tools available to download for free. You must have a current, active Azure for Students subscription to access the software developer tools. Once you have signed up with Azure for Students, you can download this software through the Education Hub.

  • You can view the list of software developer tools available to download here.

  • Microsoft Learn is a free, online learning platform that allows you to learn Azure technologies at your own pace. Learning Paths combine modules that allow you to start with the basics, then move to advanced methods that address real-world challenges.

  • The Education Hub is located in the Azure portal that tailors all its content related to students. It allows for easy access to any Azure offers, software, learning, certification, or career resources that are available to students.

  • You need to provide a phone number and your academic organization’s email address (for example, to sign up for an Azure for Students subscription.

  • We use your phone number for identity verification.

  • Azure for Students provides access to all Azure products expressly intended to support education or teaching, non-commercial research, or efforts to design, develop, test, and demonstrate software applications for the above purposes.

  • Yes, it is available in the more than 140 countries where Azure is commercially available. This does not include sovereign cloud products in US Government, or Azure Germany regions.

  • Azure for Students has a limited supply of activations and the offer is available only while supplies last. Each region has a limited number of Azure for Students offers available, and your geographical location may run out of supplies while the offer is still available in other regions.

  • We encourage you to consider one of two alternative offers: Azure for Students Starter (no credit card required) and Azure free account (credit card required).

  • No, you can’t apply your credit to Azure Marketplace offers. However, many Azure Marketplace partners offer free trials and/or free tier plans for their solutions.