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Log In with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft account

Learn how to authenticate users in your app through a variety of identity providers, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft, and then leverage profile data to add features like greeting users by name.

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Store Structured Data with Mobile Services in SQL Database

Learn how you can use Mobile Services to store and retrieve data from an app.

Store Binary Data in Blob Storage

Learn how to work with Blob Storage through Mobile Services.

Store Simple Structured Data with Table Storage

Learn how to work with Table Storage.

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Storage Accounts


Send Push Notifications with Notification Hubs

Quickly set up your App to receive push notifications.

Broadcast Notifications with Notification Hubs

Build a mobile app that allows selection of news categories and then receives push notifications based on user selections.

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Obtenga créditos de Azure por valor de $200 y 12 meses de servicios conocidos gratis

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Los suscriptores consiguen hasta $1800 al año en servicios de Azure


Únase a Microsoft for Startups y obtenga servicios de Azure gratis