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Bing Custom Search

Bing Custom Search: Build a customized search experience in minutes

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

It’s a little over five months since we launched the Bing Custom Search for general availability, and we're happy to see a considerable number of websites around the world that are now powered by Bing Custom Search. You can use the Bing Custom Search offering for either powering your site search or building the vertical search experience through multiple relevant domains.

Senior Program Manager, Bing Custom Search

At Ignite, Microsoft is updating its Cognitive Services collection of intelligent APIs

lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2017

Microsoft Cognitive Services enables developers to augment the next generation of applications with the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret needs using natural methods of communication. Think about the possibilities: being able to add vision and speech recognition, emotion and sentiment detection, language understanding, and search, to applications without having any data science expertise.