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Now Available: Relay Load Balancing for Windows Azure Service Bus

Publicado el 31 octubre, 2011

On Friday we added relay load balancing to the Service Bus with support for up to 25 listeners per relay endpoint. Relay load balancing greatly simplifies the task of achieving high availability, redundancy, and scalability by supporting multiple listeners per relay endpoint (up to 25) and distributing work across listeners.

If your existing solution relies on failover through receiving an AddressAlreadyInUse exception for the same relay endpoint, you will no longer see this behavior.  Additional information on this new functionality can be found on the Connectivity and Messaging forum and Service Bus release notes site.

This service update follows closely on the heels of our Pub-Sub messaging enhancements at the BUILD conference, and marks the second enhancement to the Service Bus in less than 45 days. 

We are pleased to deliver this highly requested feature and look forward to your feedback!