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Introducing the Azure Storage Client Library for iOS (public preview)

Publicado el 19 octubre, 2015

Program Manager, Azure Storage

We are excited to announce the public preview of the Azure Storage Client Library for iOS!

Having a client library for iOS is essential to providing a complete mobile story for developers. With this release, developers can now take advantage of Azure Storage on all major mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Xamarin.

Currently, this library supports iOS 9, iOS 8 and iOS 7 and can be used with both Objective-C and Swift. This library also supports the latest Azure Storage service version 2015-02-21.

With this being the first release, we want to make sure we’re taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge provided by the iOS developer community. For this reason, we’ll be releasing block blob support first with the goal of soliciting feedback and gaining a better understanding of additional scenarios you would like to see supported.

Please check out How to use Blob Storage from iOS to get started. You can also download the sample app to quickly see the use of Azure Storage in an iOS application.

As always, if you have any feature requests please let us know by submitting your ideas to Azure Storage Feedback.

We’d also like to give a special thanks to all those who joined our preview program and contributed their ideas and suggestions.