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IFS 360 Scheduling – Always Optimal on Windows Azure

Publicado el 1 febrero, 2012

IFS has announced the immediate availability of IFS 360 Scheduling on Windows Azure as part of its strategy to leverage cloud computing, citing Windows Azure as a cost-efficient platform for innovative business solutions.

IFS 360 Scheduling empowers organizations to deliver on-site customer service excellence. Optimizing resource plans to minimize travel and maximize productive work time for hundreds, or even thousands, of technicians is a complex and compute-intensive task, and IFS 360 Scheduling’s ‘always optimizing’ approach means the schedule is constantly up-to-date no matter what is happening out in  the field – for organizations with tight deadlines to meet, minutes matter.

Meeting tough customer expectations and providing consistent service demands a reliable and robust computing infrastructure. The speed of deployment on Windows Azure and on-demand scaling of resources echo the needs of these dynamic environments, for which resource scheduling is mission critical.

You can read more on the IFS announcement on their website, more about the work of IFS 360 Scheduling here, and a recent blog posting by IFS’ CTO Dan Matthews on cloud computing.