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Episode 153: WebJobs with Pranav Rastogi

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Pranav Rastogi, Program Manager for the ASP.NET Team. Pranav starts by giving a brief overview of what Azure WebJobs are and what they can be used for. WebJobs provide a way to run background processes as part of your Azure Websites which also scale along with your website and run in the same virtual machine as your website. He then continues to create a new console application in Visual Studio and deploy it as a WebJob. Once deployed, Pranav demonstrates the ease of accessing logs from your WebJobs. Next up, Pranav talks about the WebJobs SDK which enables many scenarios including triggers and bindings. In the demo, Pranav shows an easy way to annotate a WebJob so it will be triggered for each new blob that is created in a Storage Account's container as well as specify where to output blobs. He then does something similar using queues so that the WebJob is run for each message put into a queue. As a last demo, Pranav demonstrates how to move failed messages into poison queues or blobs as necessary. Finally, Pranav discusses some differences between Websites, Cloud Services, and Virtual Machines when it comes to running backend processing jobs.