Plantillas de inicio rápido de Azure

Implemente recursos de Azure mediante el Azure Resource Manager con plantillas proporcionadas por la comunidad para aumentar su productividad. Implemente, aprenda, aproveche lo que necesite y haga sus aportaciones a la comunidad.

¿Qué es Azure Resource Manager?

Azure Resource Manager permite aprovisionar las aplicaciones usando una plantilla declarativa. En una sola plantilla, se pueden implementar varios servicios junto con sus dependencias. Se usa la misma plantilla para implementar repetidamente la aplicación durante cada etapa de su ciclo de vida.

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Create a basic Front Door

This template creates a basic Front Door configuration with a single backend.

Última actualización: 02/11/2020

Create a new role def via a subscription level deployment

This template is a subscription level template that will create a role definition at subscription scope. Currently, this template cannot be deployed via the Azure Portal.

bmoore-msft por Brian Moore,
Última actualización: 02/11/2020

Create Azure Cosmos with SQL API and multiple containers

The template creates a Cosmos container with a SQL API and allows adding mulitple containers.

rahulpnath por Rahul P Nath,
Última actualización: 31/10/2020

Create an API Management instance using a template

This template creates a developer instance of Azure API Management

miaojiang por Miao Jiang,
Última actualización: 30/10/2020

Azure DNS domain hosting example

This template shows how to create a DNS zone within Azure DNS and how to add some record sets to it.

Última actualización: 30/10/2020

Virtual Network NAT

Deploy a NAT gateway and virtual machine

asudbring por Allen Sudbring,
Última actualización: 30/10/2020

Azure Traffic Manager external endpoint example

This template shows how to create an Azure Traffic Manager profile using external endpoints.

rohinkoul por Rohin Koul,
Última actualización: 30/10/2020

Create A Security Automation for specific Alerts

This template allows you to create an Azure Security Center Automation which triggers an empty logic app, which will be triggered by specific Security Center Alert

nwinter por Nick Winter,
Última actualización: 30/10/2020

Deploy a VM Scale Set with a Linux custom image

This template allows you to deploy a custom VM Linux image inside an Scale Set. These VMs are behind a load balancer with HTTP load balancing (by default on port 80). The example uses a custom script to do the application deployment and update, you may have to provide your custom script for your own update procedure. You will have to provide a generalized image of your VM in the same subscription and region where you create the VMSS.

jmservera por Juan Manuel Servera,
Última actualización: 29/10/2020

Create a multi-region Premium tier API Management service

This template demonstrates how to create API Management service with additional locations. The primary location is the same as location of the resource group. For Additional locations, the template shows NorthCentralUs and East US2. The primary location should be different from additional locations

solankisamir por Samir Solanki,
Última actualización: 29/10/2020

Create new ANF resource with NFSV3/NFSv4.1 volume

This template allows you to create a new Azure NetApp Files resource with a single Capacity pool and single volume configured with NFSV3 or NFSv4.1 protocol. They are all deployed together with Azure Virtual Network and Delegated subnet that are required for any volume to be created

AdelGhabboun por Adel Ghabboun,
Última actualización: 29/10/2020

Azure Cloud Shell - VNet

This template deploys Azure Cloud Shell resources into an Azure virtual network.

maertendMSFT por Danny Maertens,
Última actualización: 28/10/2020

Create a VM in a new or existing vnet from a generalized VHD

This template creates a VM from a generalized VHD and let you connect it to a new or existing VNET that can reside in another Resource Group than the virtual machine

bmoore-msft por Brian Moore,
Última actualización: 28/10/2020

2 VMs in VNET - Internal Load Balancer and LB rules

This template allows you to create 2 Virtual Machines in a VNET and under an internal Load balancer and configure a load balancing rule on Port 80. This template also deploys a Storage Account, Virtual Network, Public IP address, Availability Set and Network Interfaces.

ypitsch por ypitsch,
Última actualización: 28/10/2020

ExpressRoute circuit with private peering and Azure VNet

This template configure ExpressRoute Microsoft peering, deploy an Azure VNet with Expressroute gateway and link the VNet to the ExpressRoute circuit

fabferri por Fabrizio Ferri,
Última actualización: 27/10/2020

Use ARM template to create IoT Hub, route and view messages.

Use this template to deploy an IoT Hub and a storage account. Run an app to send messages to the hub that are routed to storage, then view the results.

robinsh por Robin Shahan,
Última actualización: 23/10/2020

Deploy Azure API for FHIR

This template creates an instance of Azure API for FHIR®. The Azure API for FHIR® is a managed, standards-based, and compliant healthcare data platform. It enables organizations to bring their clinical health data into the cloud based on the interoperable data standard FHIR®.

moiradillon12 por Moira Dillon,
Última actualización: 23/10/2020

Create a data share from a storage account

This template creates a data share from a storage account

mumian por Jonathan Gao,
Última actualización: 22/10/2020

Deploy an Azure SignalR service

This template creates an Azure SignalR Service using a template.

juniwang por Junbo Wang,
Última actualización: 22/10/2020

Create a Redis Cache using a template

This template creates an Azure Redis Cache with diagnostics data kept in a storage account.

steved0x por Steve Danielson,
Última actualización: 22/10/2020

Provision a function app on a dedicated hosting plan

This template provisions a function app on a dedicated hosting plan, meaning it will be run and billed just like any App Service site. There are other templates available for provisioning on a dynamic hosting plan.

mattchenderson por Matthew Henderson,
Última actualización: 20/10/2020

Deploy Azure Maps

This template deploys and Azure Maps account and lists the primary key.

philmea por Phil Meadows,
Última actualización: 19/10/2020

App Configuration

This template creates a new Azure App Configuration store with two key-values.

ZhijunZhao por ZhijunZhao,
Última actualización: 16/10/2020

Create a Attestation provider

This template creates a Attestation provider that can be used to attest the quotes from various enclaves and provide a token for third party application

DevOnGekko por Vishal Chandwani,
Última actualización: 16/10/2020