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Plantillas de inicio rápido de Azure

Implemente recursos de Azure mediante el Azure Resource Manager con plantillas proporcionadas por la comunidad para aumentar su productividad. Implemente, aprenda, aproveche lo que necesite y haga sus aportaciones a la comunidad.

¿Qué es Azure Resource Manager?

Azure Resource Manager permite aprovisionar las aplicaciones usando una plantilla declarativa. En una sola plantilla, se pueden implementar varios servicios junto con sus dependencias. Se usa la misma plantilla para implementar repetidamente la aplicación durante cada etapa de su ciclo de vida.

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Apache Webserver on Ubuntu VM

This template uses the Azure Linux CustomScript extension to deploy an Apache web server. The deployment template creates an Ubuntu VM, installs Apache2 and creates a simple HTML file. Go to ../demo.html to see the deployed page.

gbowerman por Guy Bowerman,
Última actualización: 29/07/2021

VNS3 network appliance for cloud connectivity and security.

VNS3 is a software only virtual appliance that provides the combined features and functions of a security appliance, application delivery controller and unified threat management device at the cloud application edge. Key benefits, on top of cloud networking, always on end to end encryption, federate data centres, cloud regions, cloud providers, and/or containers, creating one unified address space, attestable control over encryption keys, meshed network manageable at scale, reliable HA in the cloud, isolate sensitive applications (fast low cost Network Segmentation), segmentation within applications, Analysis of all data in motion in the cloud. Key network functions; virtual router, switch, firewall, vpn concentrator, multicast distributor, with plugins for WAF, NIDS, caching, proxy, load balancers and other layer 4 thru 7 network functions, VNS3 doesn't require new knowledge or training to implement, so you can integrate with existing network equipment.

HKF1977 por HKF1977,
Última actualización: 29/07/2021

JMeter environment for Elasticsearch

This template will deploy a JMeter environment into an existing virtual network. One master node and multiple subordinate nodes are deployed into a new jmeter subnet. This template works in conjunction with the Elasticsearch quickstart template.

hglkrijger por Hans Krijger,
Última actualización: 27/07/2021

Basic RDS farm deployment

This template creates a basic RDS farm deployment

MahendraAgrawal por MahendraAgrawal,
Última actualización: 21/07/2021

Elasticsearch cluster, Kibana and Logstash for Diagnostics

This template deploys an Elasticsearch cluster and Kibana and Logstash VMs. Logstash is configured with an input plugin to pull diagnostics data from existing Azure Storage Tables.

Skantha por Skantha Kandiah,
Última actualización: 17/07/2021

Storage Account with SSE and blob deletion retention policy

This template creates a Storage Account with Storage Service Encryption and a blob deletion retention policy

tw3lveparsecs por tw3lveparsecs,
Última actualización: 17/07/2021

Remote Desktop Services with High Availability

This ARM Template sample code will deploy a **Remote Desktop Services 2019 Session Collection** lab with high availability. The goal is to deploy a fully redundant, highly available solution for Remote Desktop Services, using Windows Server 2019.

mvaferreira por Marcus Ferreira,
Última actualización: 16/07/2021

Deploy a 3 Nodetype Secure Cluster with NSGs enabled

This template allows you to deploy a secure 3 nodetype Service fabric Cluster running Windows server 2016 Data center on a Standard_D2 Size VMs. Use this template allows you ro control the inbound and outbound network traffic using Network Security Groups.

ChackDan por Chacko Daniel,
Última actualización: 15/07/2021

Multi tier traffic manager, L4 ILB, L7 AppGateway

This template deploys a Virtual Network, segregates the network through subnets, deploys VMs and configures load balancing

rkotti por Ram Kotti,
Última actualización: 13/07/2021

Deploy Octopus Deploy 3.0 with a trial license.

This template allows you to deploy a single Octopus Deploy 3.0 server with a trial license. This will deploy on a single Windows Server 2012R2 VM (Standard D2) and SQL DB (S1 tier) into the location specified for the Resource Group.

paulbouwer por Paul Bouwer,
Última actualización: 12/07/2021

SQL Server 2014 SP1 Enterprise all SQL VM features enabled

This template will create a SQL Server 2014 SP1 Enterprise edition with Auto Patching, Auto Backup and Azure Key Vault Integration features enabled.

Última actualización: 12/07/2021

OS Patching extension on a Ubuntu VM

This template creates a Ubuntu VM and installs the OSPatching extension

thomas1206 por Thomas Shao,
Última actualización: 11/07/2021

Deploy a HDInsight cluster with an edge node

This template allows you to create an HDInsight cluster running Linux with an empty edge node. For more information, see

guyhay por Guy Haycock,
Última actualización: 08/07/2021


Creates a new VM with two NICs which connect to two different subnets within the same VNet.

lmoxiel por Christopher Jackson,
Última actualización: 07/07/2021

Create VM from existing VHDs and connect it to existingVNET

This template creates a VM from VHDs (OS + data disk) and let you connect it to an existing VNET that can reside in another Resource Group then the virtual machine

MCKLMT por Mickaël Mottet,
Última actualización: 06/07/2021

Create Ubuntu vm data disk raid0

This template creates a virtual machine with multiple disks attached. A script partitions and formats the disks in raid0 array.

trentmswanson por Trent Swanson,
Última actualización: 05/07/2021

Drone on Ubuntu VM

This template provisions an instance of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the Docker Extension and Drone CI package.

anweiss por anweiss,
Última actualización: 02/07/2021

WildFly 18 on CentOS 8 (stand-alone VM)

This template allows you to create a CentOS 8 VM running WildFly 18.0.1.Final and also deploy a web application called JBoss-EAP on Azure, you can login into the Admin Console using the Wildfly username and password configured at the time of the deployment.

SpektraSystems por Spektra Systems,
Última actualización: 02/07/2021

2 VMs in a Load Balancer and configure NAT rules on the LB

This template allows you to create 2 Virtual Machines in an Availability Set and configure NAT rules through the load balancer. This template also deploys a Storage Account, Virtual Network, Public IP address and Network Interfaces. In this template, we use the resource loops capability to create the network interfaces and virtual machines

mahthi por Mahesh Thiagarajan,
Última actualización: 30/06/2021

Join a VM to an existing domain

This template demonstrates domain join to a private AD domain up in cloud.

singhkays por Kay Singh,
Última actualización: 22/06/2021

AKS cluster with the Application Gateway Ingress Controller

This sample shows how to deploy an AKS cluster with Application Gateway, Application Gateway Ingress Controller, Azure Container Registry, Log Analytics and Key Vault

paolosalvatori por Paolo Salvatori,
Última actualización: 18/06/2021

Deploy HDInsight cluster with existing linked storage

This template allows you to create an Hadoop cluster in HDInsight and the dependent default storage account. The template also links an existing storage account. The linked storage account usually contains the business data.

guyhay por Guy Haycock,
Última actualización: 14/06/2021

Discover Private IP dynamically

This template allows you to discover a private IP for a NIC dynamically. It passes the private IP of NIC0 to VM1 using custom script extensions which writes it to a file on VM1.

singhkays por Kay Singh,
Última actualización: 14/06/2021

Orchard CMS Video Portal Web App

This template provides a easy way to deploy Orchard CMS on Azure App Service Web Apps with the Azure Media Services module enabled and configured.

rnrneverdies por Emanuel Vecchio,
Última actualización: 14/06/2021