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This sample shows how to use Azure Event Hubs with clients that utilize different protocols. This scenario sends using an Apache Proton C++ client, and receives using the .NET Framework client.

The hello_world sample sends 200 messages to an Event Hub.

Follow the instructions here to build and install Proton.;a=blob;;hb=0.17.0

Build the sample

You may need to modify the compiler options based on your config.

g++ -L/usr/lib64 -lqpid-proton-cpp -o sender helloworld.cpp

Run the sample

Replace SASKeyName, SASKey, YourNamespace and YourEventHub with the values from your setup.

Note that SASKeyName and SASKey need to be URL encoded.

./sender amqps://

This example was based on the Proton C++ sample located here:


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