The Azure Code Samples are currently available in English

Digital Twins Samples

This repo contains .NET Core samples that demonstrate how to use the Azure Digital Twins platform. Each folder contains a separate .NET Core app.

See the in each sub-folder for specific details about each app:

Get Started

  1. Install dotnet core.
  2. Clone the repo:
git clone
cd digital-twins-samples-csharp

The repo contains several standalone projects:

  • The Occupancy sample is suggested as a first example to gain familiarity with Digital Twins.
  • The Device Connectivity sample demonstrates how to connect a device to Digital Twins and submit sensory data.

For corresponding documentation, please see the project README's above.

Visual Studio Code

A workspace file containing all the apps is included for Visual Studio Code users.

Alternatively, each app can be opened individually.

Licensing and Use

Azure Digital Twins Samples are MIT Licensed.