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Cognitive Services sample data files

These sample files are used to build models, update models, run tests, and import data. They are samples of files you can generate yourself and use with the associated service.


|Type of file|Purpose| |--|--| |Apps|Import complete app into LUIS. These are small apps but fully defined and importable. See Create an app for more information.| |Batch tests|These are examples of batch tests of 1000 labeled utterances. See Batch testing with a set of example utterances for more information.| |List entities| Import large lists of items with synonyms. See Add list entities for more information.| |Phrase lists|Improve prediction of entities by listing important words to the app domain. See Use phrase lists to boost signal of word list for more information.

QnA Maker

|Type of file|Purpose| |--|--| |Data sources|Knowledge bases (KBs) can add questions and answers from a variety of file types. See Data sources for QnA Maker content for more information. |

Computer Vision

|Type of file|Purpose| |--|--| | Images | Sample images for Computer Vision SDK and Rest API quickstarts |