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How to create Azure Batch PaaS Cloud service by Python

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Última actualización: 16/02/2017
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This sample provides a get-started Azure Batch sample written in Python. Cloud Service Configuration is used for computing nodes in Batch pool.


Python Tools for Visual Studio

Install Python tools for Visual Studio.

Python SDK

Python Recommend the latest 3.5.2 version

Azure Storage and Azure Batch Python packages

Install packages with the below commands in cmd.

py -m pip install -U pip
py -m pip install cryptography
py -m pip install azure-batch
py -m pip install azure-storage

Azure Batch account

Once you have an Azure subscription, create an Azure Batch account.

Azure Storage account

Create an Azure Storage account.

Build the Sample

Prepare the information at below from Azure portal.

A batch account

• The batch account name

• The batch account key

• The batch account URL

A storage account

• The storage account name

• The storage account key

Replace the following properties in file with your actual values:






Running the Sample

Execute and the upload file state. Then, create batch pool so that job and task will output in console.