WorldWide Computer Solutions, Inc

WorldWide Computer Solutions, Inc

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WorldWide Computer Solutions. Serving New England since 1994.

WWCS provides: IT managed services, cloud and network solution design, software development, and hardware/software sales. Specializing in Microsoft cloud technologies including Office 365 and Azure, WWCS is proudly a Silver Cloud Productivity, Silver Cloud Platform, and Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Microsoft Partner.

At WWCS, our emphasis is to empower our customers to drive their businesses to new heights leveraging leading technologies. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors to our customers, guiding them to harness the ever changing technological winds to propel themselves forward. Too often, service providers fall behind technological trends, leaving their customers to react to changes in technology standards, causing pain and stress to their business. Not so with WWCS… we want to empower your employees to leverage the most effective technologies available, to help them navigate the changes and challenges of those technologies, to allow them to drive your business forward without being burdened with the cost involved in learning and implementing an ever changing landscape. We want what’s best for our customers… because we care… because we want them to excel in our community and beyond.

WWCS has extensive experience in developing Backup and Disaster Recovery as well as secure IaaS solutions for its customers based on Microsoft Azure services.

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