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As Microsoft's Worldwide Application Integration Partner of the Year 2011, Reply Ltd. are recognised as the best in the world in the design, development & implementation of On premise and Cloud Integration solutions using Microsoft Azure, AppFabric and BizTalk Server 2010

Integration Consultancy Services offered include:

- Windows Azure Road Map Planning
- Architectural Design and Guidance
- Consultancy
- Solution Development
- Windows AppFabric Architectural Design and Guidance
- Cloud Integration Consultancy
- Solution Development
- BizTalk Server 2010 Architecture
- Design Best Practice workshops
- BizTalk Server 2010 Training & Skills transfer

UK Office: 38 Grosvenor Gardens London SW1W 0EB, United Kingdom +44 (0) 207 730 6000
US Offices: 691 Squirrel Road, Suite 202; Auburn Hills, MI 48326 +1 248 686 2481

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+44 (0)1256 375 700

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