Purple Matrix IT Services

Purple Matrix IT Services

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Due to our success in the services industry, Purple Matrix has expanded its portfolio and now offers cutting edge Cloud and Hosted Services that are extremely flexible and enable business users to access their emails, data or applications from anywhere and at any time, with little capital investment.

Moving to the Cloud is an extremely popular and low cost option for many new and established businesses alike. Without the costly investment of servers, all you really need is a steady internet connection and we will guarantee that your emails are accessible any time and from anywhere. Read on to find out about the services we offer from the Cloud.


- Hosted Exchange – Emails from the Cloud
- Purple Matrix Email and Spam Filtering
- Mobile Integration – Emails on the go from your handheld or mobile devices
- Storage From The Cloud – Secure data and file storage with enhanced security for ultimate protection
- Software as a Service (SaaS) – On-demand software and applications including Microsoft Office 2010 or our bespoke database and CRM systems
- Purple Matrix Disaster Recovery Solutions

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