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PROS turns big data into meaningful business insight for customers across multiple industries and in more than 50 countries. Our solutions guarantee high performance in a secure, fast, and reliable environment as they leverage the Microsoft Azure platform. The PROS team holds Gold Microsoft competencies in Application Development, Data Analytics, and Data Platform, with over 650 professionals around the world helping more than 500 customers to understand their transactional data – using the science of data analytics to portray and explain buying decisions and buying patterns. This understanding can then be used to positively influence sales, revenues, and profitability.

We help customers maximize profit and revenue by unlocking the secrets in the transactional data to reveal which opportunities are most likely to close, what is working and what is not, what prices win business, and what makes the biggest contribution toward profitability.

PROS offers the following Cloud-based solutions on Azure:

• SellingPRO – smart analytics that enable customers to increase conversion rates
• PricingPRO – effective pricing and promotional offers to increase margins
• RevenuePRO – revenue growth and profit optimization
• With these products come services to support their adoption:
o Transformation and change management that impacts the sales team
o Design and Implementation of more effective processes
o Performance measures and KPI setting that accelerate sales

We enable our customers’ sales teams to be smarter and more productive with each new engagement, as our solutions ensure availability of the right product at the right price at the right time. We go beyond sales automation and provide a personalized, simple user experience to make big data analytics work for our customers with clearer visibility and intelligence that can lead to actual and significant improvements in financial results.

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