OSIsoft, LLC

OSIsoft, LLC

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OSIsoft delivers an open enterprise infrastructure to connect sensor-based data and people to enable real-time and actionable insights. The company’s PI System empowers customers across multiple industries in activities such as exploration, extraction, production, generation, process and discrete manufacturing, distribution, and services to leverage streaming data to enrich their businesses. OSIsoft customers embrace the PI System to deliver process, quality, energy, regulatory compliance, safety, security, and asset health improvements across their operations.

PI Server 2015 enables improved decision-making with context and standardization, analyses, events, and now predictive data that can be leveraged throughout the integrated PI System environment.

PI Integrators provide decision-ready PI Data to external systems, offering Information Technology/Operational Technology integration. PI Integrators are user-configurable products that mitigate the need for extensive custom solutions. PI Integrator for Business Analytics presents PI System data perfectly suited to business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI for reporting and analytics. The PI Integrator for Business Analytics Windows service stores PI View data in the SQL Server, which provides a comprehensive data-management-platform solution - no matter the type of data, the Microsoft data platform solution can help you easily capture all your data needs. With SQL Server you can ensure mission-critical applications have the required security and performance needs at a low TCO. SQL Server is the only platform offering data management, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. SQL Server is a leader for these workloads, according to Gartner and uses a common set of tools to deploy and manage databases both on-premises and in the cloud.

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