Concurrency, Inc.

Concurrency, Inc.

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Información general

Consulting Services:
- Assessing business needs and Azure capabilities
- Educating on Azure topologies and technologies
- Determining measurable value for short term wins
- Azure subscription cost optimization
- Migration strategy

Associated Technology:
- Azure Site Recovery
- Azure Backup
- Azure IaaS
- Azure PaaS
- System Center

Flexible IT infrastructure that can scale on demand.

Concurrency understands the challenges of creating a cloud consistent platform. We understand "born-in-the-cloud" applications as well as the hybrid infrastructure and how to make an on-premises environment function like a cloud deployment through Microsoft datacenter technologies and tools like System Center.

These capabilities combine with our team of Microsoft MVPs to create an end-to-end understanding of the public, private, and hybrid could ecosystem. We have a deep experience in defining an organization's Azure topology, both for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service technologies. We have strength in infrastructure and development technologies in the Azure space, as well as a deep understanding of hybrid cloud services.

Customer Benefits
• Increased data security
• Robust security
• Optimize your datacenter

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