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Through alternative desktop infrastructure models, we enable organisations to increase flexibility and control cost.

Computacenter can help organisations understand how their end-users use desktop and workplace technologies. Based upon this we can recommend an appropriate mix of technologies and solutions to support your user base and meet your business goals.

These include:

- User Profiling – understanding the mix of task based workers, knowledge workers, power users and mobile users supported within the desktop estate.

- Application Virtualisation – virtualising and packaging the applications required to support the business. This reduces the effort involved with upgrades and enables greater flexibility in deploying applications to new users.

- OS Virtualisation – using centralised, server-based approaches to deliver desktops improves control and security, and can reduce cost. Using a variety of thin-client, server based computing and virtualisation technologies, we can deliver a more manageable and effective desktop platform

How it helps
Reduces operational support costs
Through centralised deployment of applications and operating systems, the ongoing management effort for the desktop estate can be significantly reduced.

Avoids capital expenditure
Exploiting the power of server based infrastructure, it is possible to deploy new resource hungry applications on existing desktops, extending the life of existing devices.

Enables dynamic business decisions
By being able to provision new offices rapidly, dynamically work with third parties, selectively publish applications when required and cope with mergers and acquisitions efficiently and cost-effectively.

Enable workforce flexibility
Provide users with access to their corporate desktops from anywhere, enabling remote or mobile working, without compromising security.

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