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Wipro and Microsoft partner on services and accelerators for the new Microsoft Energy Data Services

With Microsoft Energy Data Services, Wipro is offering to adopt an open architecture that provides accelerated access to new technologies through an open, modular cloud agnostic design.

Microsoft Energy Data Services is now Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy.

This blog post was co-authored by Paul Dejager, OSDU Practice Lead, Wipro.

Since its first customer-ready release, the OSDU™ Data Platform has been tested and piloted within the energy industry with great success. However, customers have been awaiting an enterprise-ready version of the OSDU Data Platform that is secure, resilient, and backed up by SLAs. The platform needs to provide connectivity with the legacy and cloud applications and be extensible and customizable for customer-specific scenarios. Partners like Wipro blend domain experience with the OSDU Data Platform to help accelerate the operationalization of Microsoft Energy Data Services.

Microsoft Energy Data Services is a fully managed, enterprise-grade data platform that enables efficient data management, standardization, liberation, and consumption in energy exploration. The solution is a hyperscale data ecosystem that leverages the capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform and Microsoft’s secure and trustworthy cloud services with our partners’ extensive domain expertise.

A significant constraint with today’s industry business platforms is the strong bias of first principles analysis with a domain value chain that strongly preconditions the way that data is used and when. Data is siloed within the stages of the value chain and locked up by the applications supporting the workflows in these stages. The growing need and demand for data-driven analysis to complement first principles analysis, and for business workflows to also leverage advanced analytics and machine learning (AI/ML) applications are largely unsatisfied.

The OSDU Forum is an open source consortium of energy operators, which has set out to design and develop a cloud-native data platform. Wipro is a key contributor and helps address the data issue by providing self-service consumption of analytics-ready data. This is a critical objective of Wipro’s participation in the OSDU Forum.

Current data management technologies creates substantial lock-in and require significant amounts of effort to run and maintain cost-effective infrastructure. A move to the cloud potentially reduces lockin and running costs and paves the way towards “pay-for-use” rather than “pay-to-own.” The existing data foundation platforms are complex, dominated by service and technology providers, and do not readily maximize the benefit of emerging technologies, such as data interoperability and analytics, due to significant legacy content. Furthermore, to date within E&P there has only been limited acceptance of technologies arising from other industries, including the adoption of cloud and Open Source.

Wipro and Microsoft partner to provide new technologies to enterprise-level organizations

With Microsoft Energy Data Services, Wipro is offering to adopt an open architecture that provides accelerated access to new technologies through an open, modular cloud agnostic design. Based primarily on existing generic IT components, the solution provides a data foundation that decouples applications from their data source and further reduces operating costs through the adoption of a cloud hosting environment. Moving to a cloud-based data foundation provides considerable benefits to an enterprise including:

  • A centralized data landscape containing fewer database instances designed to meet the anticipated increase in storage capacity occasioned by the acquisition of real-time data and the introduction of fiber optics for drilling, downhole sensors, and the internet of things (IoT).
  • Higher consistency of data, simplified workflows, reduced complexity, and an analytical user interface result in increased automation that facilitates a switch to self-service operation.
  • Real-time data acquisition to cloud and centralized delivery to cloud for other sources of data (vendor, partner, release, and more).
  • Deliverable as a service (SaaS and PaaS), thereby significantly reducing support training costs and overall cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Reduced tie-in to products from traditional service contractors.
  • Provision of a long-term, low-cost digital archive for all drilling and well-logging data and analyses.

The benefits of the OSDU data as a service model

The OSDU Data Platform enabled and supported by Microsoft Energy Data Services provides many solutions to business challenges, including:

  • Faster deployment with automated service offerings
  • Easier deployment of OSDU Data Platform functionality
  • New insights with domain workflows and application integration with any data source
  • Data-driven decisions, performance improvement, and data ready to leverage HPC and AI/ML scenarios
  • Reduced cycle time, enabling developers to quickly develop and integrate new applications and scenarios
  • Legacy decommissioning
  • Open source
  • Scalable due to cloud
  • TCO reduction
  • Analytics, automation across datasets, and the entire value chain
  • Reduced vendor lock-in

Wipro and the OSDU Data Platform

Understanding the E&P domain and full comprehension of the various data types and data formats forms a key component of Wipro’s offering. Specifically, Wipro’s domain expertise is a clear differentiator that has been successfully leveraged in similar engagements for other operators. This domain knowledge in every part of the upstream value chain has been brought together in Wipro’s dedicated global OSDU Data Platform practice. When this E&P expertise is coupled with Wipro’s big data service capabilities, the combination of these two perspectives provides a truly 360-degree domain-driven service.

Wipro and Microsoft partner together on Microsoft Energy Data Services client engagements. This optimizes the cooperation and coordination between cloud provider and systems integrator, which will be of significant benefit to clients aiming to implement Microsoft Energy Data Services as their standard system of record. This collaboration, together with the experience of both parties, ensures that Wipro is well positioned to quickly jump-start any OSDU Data Platform journey to liberate and integrate subsurface data with Microsoft Energy Data Services.

Wipro is a member of, and a major contributor to, the OSDU Forum. Wipro has authored developing standards as put forward by the OSDU Forum, and its prominent participation in the OSDU activities enables it to assure seamless integration between data platform onboarding and data loading, and legacy data and application platforms. Wipro fully understands the strategic importance and value of data, and the OSDU Data Platform will be distinguished by its ability to provide a digital data portal. Wipro is, and has, made significant investments in people, solutions, and capabilities to build a dedicated OSDU Data Platform practice to provide a high level of service. Further, Wipro has invested in a sustainable staffing model going forward by leveraging its global footprint and strategic partnerships. Wipro regularly works remotely on OSDU Data Platform deployments and therefore does not foresee any impediment to working in a worldwide implementation environment.

Wipro has a templated deployment approach and can bring its own tools and utilities to enhance, where appropriate, the standard OSDU data platform. This enables Wipro to securely deploy and configure functional, information security–compliant Microsoft Energy Data Services in an Azure subscription.

Wipro’s standard deployment comprises three workstreams, as follows:

  • Deploy the OSDU Data Platform with Microsoft Energy Data Services in the client’s own or hosted Azure subscription so it can be securely operated.
  • Ingest existing client subsurface data that is aligned with the OSDU Technical Standard, provide knowledge transfer to business stakeholders, and provide insight on how to leverage the OSDU data platform to increase business value.
  • Develop a Microsoft Energy Data Services roadmap and evaluate operating model alternatives for optimal business value, and promote understanding of tools and workflows that promote integration and adoption of the OSDU Data Platform.

Wipro services and accelerators

Wipro has invested significantly in helping companies on their OSDU Data Platform adoption journey and as such has developed services that provide open source functionality over and above the standard OSDU Data Platform offering.

  • Platform onboarding
  • Dataset and user onboarding
  • Data migration
  • Data ingestion
  • WINS framework
  • External data access and publish scenarios
  • Application integration
  • Data discovery

The following screenshots provide an example of a Power BI business intelligence dashboard containing data sourced from an OSDU Data Platform using the native Power BI application connector.

Example PBI Dashboard

Customized search and display functionality can be achieved via Bing search service APIs and/or OSDU-compliant third-party software vendors.

Example PBI Dashboard

Wipro’s OSDU Data Platform practice uses the combined knowledge, skills, and operational delivery capabilities from the combination of Wipro’s domain and consulting, engineering, and cloud platform verticals to provide an innovative horizontal solution offering.

This enables our clients to:

  • Accelerate their end game to digital transformation.
  • Make their organizations data-centric via the OSDU data platform.
  • Enable the refactoring, integration, and deployment of workflow interoperability.
  • Prioritize their data and prepare for OSDU migration at scale.
  • Define and achieve inter-organizational collaboration and operational support model requirements.

How to work with Wipro Services and Accelerator on Microsoft Energy Data Services

Microsoft Energy Data Services is an enterprise-grade, fully managed, OSDU Data Platform for the energy industry that is efficient, standardized, easy to deploy, and scalable for data management—ingesting, aggregating, storing, searching, and retrieving data. The platform can provide the scale, security, privacy, and compliance expected by enterprise customers. Wipro offers services and accelerators utilizing the WINS framework which accelerates time-to-market and the ability to run domain workflows with ease, with data contained in Microsoft Energy Data Services and with minimal effort.

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