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Artificial Intelligence

4 reasons to attend the Put Responsible AI into Practice Azure digital event

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2021

AI is transforming business and the world. However, AI models learn from the data. Biases that exist in society will exist in the models. Human judgment must be the overriding factor, ensuring that AI models benefit and are inclusive of everyone. Equally important, AI must inspire trust in customers that their data is being used appropriately. These are key reasons that responsible approaches to AI are so critical, and you can learn how to put responsible AI into practice.

Corporate Vice President, AI Platform

5 reasons Azure Databricks is best for Hadoop workloads

miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2021

Due to the complexity, high cost of operations, and unscalable infrastructure, on-premises Hadoop platforms have often not delivered on their initial promises to impact business value. As a result, many enterprises are now seeking to modernize their Hadoop platforms to cloud data platforms.

Principal Group Product Manager, Azure Databricks

Scaling for the future of ophthalmology with artificial intelligence powered by Azure Healthcare APIs

martes, 23 de noviembre de 2021

ZEISS partnered with Microsoft to power the ZEISS Medical Ecosystem with the Azure Healthcare APIs. ZEISS Meditec is collaborating with ZEISS Digital Innovation as the implementation partner for the data platform and multiple ecosystem applications. ZEISS Digital Innovation is a provider of custom software development services, implementing and operating innovative digital healthcare solutions for the ZEISS group and clients outside ZEISS.

Vice President, Microsoft Health and LifeSciences

Microsoft powers transformation at NVIDIA GTC Fall—GPU technology conference

miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2021

This year during NVIDIA GTC 21, we’re spotlighting some of the most transformational applications powered by NVIDIA accelerated computing that highlights our commitment to edge, on-premises, and cloud computing. Registration is free, so sign up to learn how Microsoft is powering transformation.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing

Accelerating healthcare AI innovation with Zero Trust technology

martes, 26 de octubre de 2021

From research to diagnosis to treatment, AI has the potential to improve outcomes for some treatments by 30 to 40 percent and reduce costs by up to 50 percent. Obtaining the large data sets necessary for generalizability, transparency, and reducing bias has historically been difficult and time-consuming. That’s why the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) collaborated with Microsoft, Fortanix, and Intel to create BeeKeeperAI.

Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Health & Life Sciences

Análisis de vídeo en el perímetro, una tecnología ideal para la monetización del 5G en la nube

martes, 14 de septiembre de 2021

La creación de una infraestructura de software programable para operaciones de telecomunicaciones promete reducir tanto los gastos de capital (CAPEX) como los gastos de funcionamiento (OPEX) de los operadores de telecomunicaciones 5G. En este blog, nos centramos en el vídeo, el tipo de tráfico dominante en Internet desde la introducción de las redes 4G.

Microsoft Technical Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators

Cuatro formas en las que la inteligencia artificial, la visión artificial y las tecnologías relacionadas amplían las soluciones de IoT

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2021

Intel y Microsoft Azure trabajan conjuntamente para ayudar a las empresas a implementar tecnologías y servicios de IoT inteligentes, incluidas características de aprendizaje profundo con inteligencia artificial, visión artificial, audio y voz. Al incorporar estas características (combinando dos o más de ellas) a las soluciones, se pueden resolver más desafíos empresariales. Por ejemplo, la unión de visión artificial con inteligencia artificial amplía enormemente los usos posibles de las soluciones de IoT.

Director, Channel Marketing

Solve your toughest business problems with analytics and machine learning

martes, 17 de agosto de 2021

Today, AI and machine learning are enabling data-driven organizations to accelerate their journey to insights and decisions. With all the latest advancements, AI is no longer limited to only those with deep expertise or a cache of data scientists, and many organizations can now adopt AI and machine learning for better competitive advantage. Customers with analytics practices looking to adopt machine learning can read this report to get started.

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Machine Learning

Innovate from cloud to edge on your terms with Azure

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2021

The challenges of the past year revealed that serving and making a difference for each other, our communities, and the world around us is more critical than ever. In order to persevere and drive business success, organizations must be future-ready, build on their terms, operate hybrid seamlessly, and do all of this with an uncompromising foundation of trust. Microsoft Azure is committed to helping every organization accomplish just that, as outlined by our announcements at this week’s Microsoft Inspire.

Vice President, Azure