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We all know Santa Claus gets help, but perhaps you didn’t realize how much and from where…

‘Twas almost October and up at the pole

The diligent elves were not reaching their goal

The IT department was working nonstop

A request for help flew to the guy at the top

The Santa Cloud poster shows how Santa and his elves use Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft cloud offerings for his annual gift deliveries on the evening of December 24.

Such an undertaking requires massive amounts of compute and storage resources and the software to:

  • Collect and analyze current and historical data and requests for presents from multiple sources (Azure Data Lake, SQL Data Warehouse, and Stream Analytics)

  • Work with vendors and partners during various parts of the manufacturing process

  • Perform the final determination of just who is naughty and who is nice (SQL Data Warehouse and Machine Learning)

These resources must scale to handle the data processing demands for all the world’s children up to the delivery date.

See how Microsoft Azure can tackle some of the biggest and, for the world’s children, most important processing tasks.

Poster-sized PDF (34×22)


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