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What’s brewing in Visual Studio Team Services: October 2016 Digest

This post series provides the latest updates and news for Visual Studio Team Services features being released every three weeks

This post series provides the latest updates and news for Visual Studio Team Services and is a great way for Azure users to keep up-to-date with new features being released every three weeks. Visual Studio Team Services offers the best DevOps tooling to create an efficient continuous integration and release pipeline to Azure. With the rapidly expanding list of features in Team Services, teams can start to leverage it more efficiently for all areas of their Azure workflow, for apps written in any language and deployed to any OS.

Git best practice with Team Services: Branch Policies

How can you ensure you are finding bugs before they’re introduced into your codebase while still ensuring you have the right people reviewing? Branch policies can go a long way to enhancing your Pull Requests workflow.

Configure branch policies from the branches page.

Becoming more productive with Git: Tower and Team Services

Working with Git in Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server just became even easier: the popular Git desktop client Tower now comes with dedicated integrations for these services.

Team Services Git repositories in Tower

One-click Import of Git repositories into Team Services

Teams can now import a Git repository from GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or other locations. You can import into either a new or an existing empty repository.

import private repo

Enable continuous deployment to App Stores with Team Services

Whether you build apps for the iOS, Android or Windows, Team Services has app store extensions that make it easy to publish your app and set up continuous deployment

New features released in September 2016

Two rounds of Team Services updates in September empower your team to get stuff done faster so you can enjoy those pumpkin spice lattes and the crisp autumn air. Custom work item types, more static analysis options in builds and a new feedback option in the Exploratory Testing extension are just a few among many new delightful updates.

 Deployment widget

Build and Release pricing update

Release Management is coming out of trial mode in Team Foundation Server “15”. Learn more to see how teams get billed for releases in Team Services and TFS post TFS “15” release.

New build queue tab

A redesign of the Queued builds experience in the Build hub brings richer details of your queued/running builds in a more intuitive way.

Redesigned Queued Builds page

Changes to the way you log into Team Services

The new screens simplify login for users in organizations that use Azure Active Directory, bringing the experience more in line with the way you login to Azure, Office 365, etc.

New Azure SignIn Flow