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Video Indexer

New ways to train custom language models – effortlessly!

jueves, 18 de julio de 2019

Microsoft Azure Media Services Video Indexer (VI) enables the customization of language models by allowing customers to upload examples of sentences or words belonging to the vocabulary of their specific use case. Since speech recognition can sometimes be tricky, VI enables you to train and adapt the models for your specific domain.

Software Engineer, Azure Storage Media R&D

Azure Media Services: las últimas actualizaciones de Video Indexer desde NAB Show 2019

jueves, 4 de abril de 2019

Después de recoger varios premios con la versión de disponibilidad general de Video Indexer de Azure Media Services, incluidos el 2018 IABM por su innovación en cuanto a la administración de contenido y el prestigioso premio Peter Wayne, el equipo ha seguido centrado en crear una gran cantidad de nuevas características y modelos que permitan a cualquier organización con un gran archivo de contenido multimedia desbloquear la información de su contenido.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Media Services, Video Indexer

Live stream analysis using Video Indexer

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2019

Video Indexer is designed to extract deep insights from video and audio files offline in order to analyze a given media file already created in advance. However, for some use cases it's important to get the media insights from a live feed as quick as possible to unlock operational and other use cases pressed in time.

Technology Solutions Professional, Azure & Media

Multi-modal topic inferencing from videos

martes, 8 de enero de 2019

Any organization that has a large media archive struggles with the same challenge – how can we transform our media archives into business value? Media content management is hard, and so is content discovery at scale. Content categorization by topics is an intuitive approach that makes it easier for people to search for the content they need.

Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft Media AI

How news platforms can improve uptake with Microsoft Azure’s Video AI service

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2018

As it turns out, Microsoft News has been working for years on some pretty advanced algorithms that analyze their articles and determine how to increase personalization, which ultimately increases consumption. However, when I asked them if there were any gaps, they were quick to answer that they would love more insights on their videos.

Data & Applied Scientist, Engineering