Log Analytics

Mantenga un seguimiento del estado de su solución de recuperación ante desastres con Log Analytics

jueves, 29 de agosto de 2019

Cuando adopte Azure Site Recovery, la supervisión de la instalación puede llegar a ser una práctica compleja. Deberá asegurarse de que continúa la replicación de todas las instancias protegidas y de que las máquinas virtuales estén siempre preparadas para la conmutación por error.

Program Manager II, R&D Compute MDR IDC (Hyd)

Transforming Azure Monitor Logs for DevOps, granular access control, and improved Azure integration

jueves, 23 de mayo de 2019

Logs are critical for many scenarios in the modern digital world. They are used in tandem with metrics for observability, monitoring, troubleshooting, usage and service level analytics, auditing, security, and much more. Any plan to build an application or IT environment should include a plan for logs.

Principal Program Manager, Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor January 2019 updates

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2019

Azure Monitor provides sophisticated tools for collecting and analyzing telemetry that allow you to maximize the performance and availability of your cloud while also maximizing on-premises resources and applications.

Program Manager, Azure Monitor

Best practices for queries used in log alert rules

jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018

Queries can start with either a table name like search or union operators. These commands are useful during data exploration and for searching terms over the entire data model. However, these operators are not efficient for productization in alerts.

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure