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We are delighted to announce the preview release of new Support Site Extension for Azure Websites. With this initiative we are trying to improve customers experience in troubleshooting, diagnostics and reporting issues specific to their Azure Websites. In the current release you will be able to:

  1. Observe: Live monitor traffic for a given website. You will be able to see RPS and Server side failures within 30 seconds. In addition, you will have the ability to switch between websites and subscriptions seamlessly. Azure Websites Support Portal Observe
  2. Analyze: You will be able to analyze application specific issues (for Basic and Standard Mode) using the existing DaaS site extension. Please refer to my previous post to read more.
  3. Report: Report an issue to the Azure Websites Team. (Simply click on the “NEED HELP?” button on the right top corner.) Please note that this button is not available for websites running in the FREE Tier. Azure Websites Support Portal Need Help


How do I access this Site Extension? Simply browse your website’s SCM endpoint and select the Support option from the Tools menu.

Azure Websites Support Portal

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