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Simple Deployment of Azure Websites with DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB is a great database option for websites that you're building on Microsoft Azure.

Azure DocumentDB is a great database option for websites that you're building on Microsoft Azure. When building and running your application, you'll likely want different environments for development, testing, and production.  Of course, you'll want an easy and predictable way to create and manage these environments in a repeatable – and automatable – manner.  The Azure Resource Manager allows you to create reusable deployment templates to easily create and configure multiple Azure resources.  For example, wouldn’t it be great to have a single deployment command which would:  

  • Create an Azure DocumentDB account
  • Create an Azure Website
  • Deploy an application to the website
  • Automatically configure the website with the DocumentDB account connection information

  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve just released two sample Azure Resource Manager templates.  The first template allows you to deploy and configure DocumentDB, an Azure Website, and a web application by running a single Azure PowerShell command.  This template is great if you're just starting out with DocumentDB and want to easily and quickly stand up a working website sample.  The sample Todo application looks like this: ARMTemplateBlogPost-TodoApp The second template helps you deploy and configure a DocumentDB account and an Azure Website, surfacing the DocumentDB account connection information to the Website in the form of application settings, but does not include a sample web application.  This template is a great example of how to automatically provision and integrate an Azure Website with DocumentDB: image7 For full details on how to download and deploy these templates, head over to my article here.  To learn more about DocumentDB, visit our service page.