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Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW) is a fast, flexible and secure, cloud data warehouse tuned for running complex queries fast and across petabytes of data. Continuing to deliver on this promise, we have announced the general availability of the next generation of SQL DW which includes an average of five times the performance boost, five times the increase in compute scalability, and four times the increase in concurrency. The release of Azure SQL DW Compute Optimized Gen2 tier comes with an expansion of 14 additional regions bringing the global region footprint of SQL DW Gen2 to 20 surpassing all other major cloud providers. The following regions are available:

  • Australia East

  • Australia Southeast

  • Canada Central

  • Central India

  • Central US

  • East Asia

  • East US

  • East US 2

  • Japan East

  • Japan West

  • Korea South

  • North Central US

  • North Europe

  • South Central US

  • South India

  • Southeast Asia

  • UK South

  • West Europe

  • West US

  • West US 2

With more global regions than any other cloud provider, Azure SQL Data Warehouse gives customers the flexibility to deploy applications where they need to. This also allows customers with specific data-residency and compliance needs to keep their data and applications close. We also have a strong roadmap to add the service availability in all Azure regions in coming months.

If you have a Gen1 data warehouse, take advantage of the latest generation of the service by upgrading. If you are getting started, try Azure SQL DW Compute Optimized Gen2 tier today. Stay up-to-date on the latest Azure SQL DW news and features by following us on Twitter @AzureSQLDW.

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