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Raise the bar on AI-powered app development with Azure Database for PostgreSQL

By harnessing the might of PostgreSQL in the cloud—with all the scalability and convenience you expect—comes Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL. This fully managed service takes the hassle out of managing your PostgreSQL instances, allowing you to focus on what really matters: building amazing, AI-powered applications.

Known for its reliability and versatility, PostgreSQL is a popular and powerful open-source database system with a wide array of features. By harnessing the might of PostgreSQL in the cloud—with all the scalability and convenience you expect—comes Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL. This fully managed service takes the hassle out of managing your PostgreSQL instances, allowing you to focus on what really matters: building amazing, AI-powered applications.  

What is postgresql?

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Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Innovate with a fully managed, AI-ready PostgreSQL database

To better get you acquainted with how Azure Database for PostgreSQL empowers users to migrate their PostgreSQL databases and build intelligent apps, this blog will introduce a roster of new learning paths and events, including a pair of Cloud Skills Challenges. As if that’s not exciting enough, completing one of the challenges automatically enters you in a drawing for a great prize. So, let’s get going!   

Seamless database migration and app creation   

Say goodbye to tedious maintenance tasks and hello to seamless deployments, automated patching, and built-in high availability. Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a fully managed service that simplifies the migration of existing PostgreSQL databases to the cloud. We handle the burdens of patching, backups, and scaling—allowing you to focus on your applications.  

Seamless compatibility with PostgreSQL minimizes code changes during the transition and caters to diverse needs and budgets. With migration tooling in Azure Database for PostgreSQL, transferring data and schemas to the cloud becomes a breeze. 

Beyond migration, Azure Database for PostgreSQL empowers the development of AI-powered applications. Its native support for the pgvector extension allows for efficient storage and querying of vector embeddings, essential for AI and machine learning tasks. The service seamlessly integrates with other Azure AI services, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft Azure AI Language, and Microsoft Azure AI Translator, providing developers with a rich toolkit for building intelligent applications.  

Additionally, the service’s scalability ensures optimal performance as AI workloads grow, maintaining cost efficiency throughout the development process. Overall, Azure Database for PostgreSQL provides a comprehensive solution for both migrating to the cloud and building powerful AI applications. 

Here are some key features: 

  • High availability: Up to 99.99% uptime guaranteed with zone-redundant high availability, automated maintenance, patching, and updates.
  • Performance automation: Get analysis of your database workloads to identify opportunities to improve query performance with query store and index recommendations.
  • Security: Includes Microsoft Defender for open-source relational databases to protect your data, and Azure IP Advantage, which is designed to protect businesses and developers who build on Azure from intellectual property risks.
  • Azure AI extension: Generate and store vector embeddings, call Azure AI services, and build AI-powered apps directly within the database.
  • Migration support: Tools to migrate Oracle Database to Azure Database for PostgreSQL are available, making the transition smoother.
  • Cost-effective: Provides operational savings—up to 62% compared with on-premises—with comprehensive database monitoring and optimization tools, which can lead to a lower total cost of ownership. 

Learn at your own pace with curated lessons 

Now that you’ve gotten a primer on Azure Database for PostgreSQL, the next step is engaging with our curated learning paths. The collected modules in these two courses include readings, exercises, and knowledge checks.

  • Build AI Apps with Azure Database for PostgreSQL
    Designed for developers interested in harnessing AI within their PostgreSQL applications on Azure, this learning path explores how the Azure AI extension for Azure Database for PostgreSQL can be leveraged to incorporate AI capabilities into your apps.

    By completing this learning path, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the Azure AI extension and its various functionalities. Discover how to evaluate different summarization techniques available through Azure AI services and the azure_ai extension, explore the differences between extractive, abstractive, and query-focused summarization, and apply generative AI summarization techniques to data within a PostgreSQL database. This hands-on experience will empower you to leverage Azure AI services and the azure_ai extension to build intelligent applications that can summarize complex content into concise and informative summaries. 
  • Configure and migrate to Azure Database for PostgreSQL
    This learning path supplies you with the essential skills needed to effectively work with Azure Database for PostgreSQL. It begins with a foundational understanding of PostgreSQL architecture and core concepts, before delving into practical aspects such as connecting to the database, executing queries, and ensuring robust security measures.

    You’ll also learn how to create and manage databases, schemas, and tables, and how to leverage stored procedures and functions for code reusability. With insights into how Azure Database for PostgreSQL implements ACID transactions and write-ahead logging for data integrity and durability, you’ll gain confidence in configuring, managing, and migrating existing PostgreSQL databases to Azure.

Complete timed challenges to win Azure prizes 

To go along with these learning paths, we’ve also assembled a pair of corresponding Azure Database for PostgreSQL Cloud Skills Challenges. While learning paths are usually self-paced, solitary activities, Cloud Skills Challenges are part interactive learning sprint, part good-natured tournament between you and thousands of your peers around the globe. They’re immersive, gamified learning experiences blending hands-on exercises, tutorials, and assessments to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. 

Complete at least one of these challenges before time runs out and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of 20 awesome Azure prizes. Sign up when these challenges kick off on June 11, 2024, and start competing! 

Connect with PostgreSQL experts at POSETTE 2024 conference 

Hosted by Microsoft, POSETTE 2024 (formerly Citus Con), is an exciting developer event dedicated to all things PostgreSQL. The event is a unique opportunity to learn from experts, network with fellow Postgres enthusiasts, and delve into the latest innovations in database technology. 

As a key player in the PostgreSQL community, we’ll be showcasing our commitment to the open-source database system. Attendees can look forward to a session on the future of Azure Database for PostgreSQL, where our experts will share our vision for the service and its integration with other Azure offerings.  

Running June 11 to 13, 2024, POSETTE—which stands for Postgres Open Source Ecosystem Talks, Training, and Education—is a free, virtual event featuring four unique livestreams. Registration is optional, and all scheduled talks will be online to watch immediately after the event ends. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with the Microsoft team and learn how we’re advancing PostgreSQL in the cloud.

Take the next step on your Azure Database for PostgreSQL journey 

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, PostgreSQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL is a dream team for building modern, scalable, and AI-powered apps. By offering robust migration tools and seamless integration with AI and machine learning services, Azure Database for PostgreSQL helps users efficiently migrate to the cloud and build sophisticated AI applications.  

Get started today with our pair of learning paths and their respective Cloud Skills Challenges to be entered into a drawing for cool Azure prizes, then check out the POSETTE 2024 livestreams to learn more about everything you can do with the world’s most advanced open-source database.