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New Windows Azure and PHP Tutorials and Tools Now Available

Publicado el 10 enero, 2011

Looking for the latest information about PHP and Windows Azure?  Then look no further, below are links to the latest tutorials and tools to help you get started.  You can also read more about these on the Interoperability @ Microsoft blog here.

New Tutorials:

  • Using Worker Roles for Simple Background Processing
  • Getting the Windows Azure Pre-Requisites via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0
  • Getting the Windows Azure Pre-Requisites Via Manual Installation
  • Deploying Your First PHP Application with the Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP
  • Deploying a PHP application to Windows Azure

Updated Windows Azure Tools for PHP (Compatible with the Windows Azure 1.3 SDK):

  • Windows Azure Command-line Tools for PHP
  • Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse/PHP
  • Windows Azure Companion