Providing our customers with choice and flexibility is central to our mission around blockchain in Azure. Today, we are pleased to introduce that we're bringing managed Corda Enterprise to Azure Blockchain Service.

The road to Corda Enterprise on Azure as a managed service

In 2016, Microsoft and R3 worked together to bring Corda Enterprise to Azure as a virtual machine image in the Azure Marketplace.

In 2017, the relationship matured to a partnership, and in the subsequent years we’ve worked closely with customers, consortiums, and independent software vendors (ISVs) to help them bring Corda-based solutions to Azure. Working together with our customers and partners, we’ve seen the launch of multiple Corda consortiums on Azure, from Insurwave’s launch in 2018 to the recent September 2019 announcement of TradeIX’s launch of the Marco Polo Network on Azure.

As customers were building end to end solutions, one of the big requests was to make integrating Corda with enterprise data, systems, and Software as a Service (SaaS) easier. Earlier this year, we released the Corda Logic App and Flow Connectors that brought 30 years of Microsoft enterprise integration experience to Corda. With Flow and PowerApps, it also became possible for citizen developers to build low-code or no-code web and mobile apps for Corda.

However, the biggest request we had from customers was for Corda to be released as a managed service in Azure. Specifically, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that would set up Corda nodes to connect with the appropriate Corda network, manage node health, and update both the nodes and the underlying software.

Today at CordaCon, we’re pleased to share that customers can now sign up for the preview of Corda Enterprise on Azure Blockchain Service.

Simple Corda node deployment

Corda on Azure Blockchain Service provides you with the ability to choose where to provision and host nodes, either on the Corda Network (Livenet, Testnet, UAT) or a private Corda network.

For the preview, Azure Blockchain Service supports the latest Corda Enterprise version (currently at 4.X). In addition to provisioning the node, Azure Blockchain Service automatically connects the Corda node to the appropriate network based on your Azure Blockchain Service. Being part of Azure Blockchain Service, you can configure and deploy a Corda node within the Azure portal or programmatically through REST APIs, CLI, or PowerShell. This dramatically simplifies Corda node deployment and connection.

Managed Corda nodes and Corda Distributed Applications

In addition to provisioning and deploying Corda nodes, Azure Blockchain Service provides managed APIs to help you manage your Corda nodes and Corda Distributed Applications (CorDapps). With Corda node management, you’ll be able to control access to your node, scale the node up or down, and drive flow draining. With CorDapp management, you’ll be able to easily add, manage, and version your CorDapps on your node.

Integrated node and CorDapp health, monitoring, and logging

Corda on Azure Blockchain Service leverages Azure Monitor making it easier to access Corda node and CorDapp health, monitoring, and logging information. With Azure Monitor, you’re able to customize alerts and actions based on logs and events. With all Corda and CorDapp logs at your fingertips, you’re able to create custom visualizations and dashboards based on the health and monitoring data.

Next steps

If you are building a solution on Corda Enterprise and are interested in joining the preview, please fill out the following form.

For those of you at CordaCon this week who would like to learn more, please come visit us at our booth or attend our Fully Managed Corda Enterprise with Azure Blockchain Service session on October 24th to speak with members of the Azure Blockchain team.

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