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Azure Resource Explorer: a new tool to discover the Azure API

Publicado el 2 abril, 2015

Principal Development Lead, Azure App Platform
We’re excited to announce the Preview of a new site called Azure Resource Explorer and encourage you to head over and try it out today!  

What is Azure Resource Explorer

Azure Resource Explorer is a new web site where you can easily:
  • Discover the Azure Resource Management APIs
  • Get API documentation
  • Make actual API calls directly in your own subscriptions
  Here's a 5 minute screencast that shows Resource Explorer in action, and will give you a good sense of what it's all about. Not only does the Resource Explorer allow you to view the API, it also allows you to try it in your own subscription directly from your browser. For instance, you can use it to list your Web Apps (previously known as Websites), modify existing Web Apps, and even create new ones. It’s all done directly at the JSON level, so it always stays very close to the wire, and you always control and see everything that it’s doing. Here is a typical screenshot:   Azure Resource Explorer  

We need your feedback

Azure Resource Explorer is already quite powerful, but we're not done. It's still in Preview, and with that comes a few bugs and missing features. This is where YOU can help! Please note that this project is being developed as Open Source, and is hosted on GitHub here. This makes it easy for anyone to create an issue, track a bug, and even add a feature suggestion. And if you are really eager to see a change happen, you can send a pull request and it may just make it into the official site!